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March 2021 Band Of The Month: The Ones You Forgot

New Jersey-based pop rock quintet The Ones You Forgot recently released a catchy new single called “Desensitized”. Drawing inspiration from powerhouse acts including State Champs, We Are The In Crowd and All Time Low, the five-piece combines their individual backgrounds to cultivate the diversity heard through their music.

Jenna, with bandmates Matt and Ferd on guitar, Lance on the bass, and Justin on the drums, are a fantastic lineup! Their singles are upbeat, fun, and danceable with sometimes a dark and serious theme.

“Desensitized” is one of those songs that is upbeat with a more serious theme. It is a relatable song that holds a place in Jenna’s heart.

Lead singer Jenna Bruno says,

“Songwriting is very cathartic. It’s a great release of emotions, especially for the ones that we often bottle up. When I wrote “Desensitized” I found myself in that place of pretending to be okay when I knew for a fact that I wasn’t. Writing this song took a weight off my shoulders and allowed me to accept how I was feeling and address the state of my mental health.”

The “Desensitized” single is paired with beautiful blue-themed visuals of clocks, watches, and more. The music video, released shortly after the single, is a simple yet wonderful representation of the single. Bruno sings, “I don’t sleep because I’m tired, I sleep because I don’t want to be awake. In the world that we’re living in I guess I’m going through the motions. I don’t want everyday to feel like it’s been stolen.” Not only do I feel like I can relate to this single and line, it pairs well with the visuals of time.

“Desensitized” follows the release of “Something For Me,” which represents a triumph, as the band rooted themselves in a hook-studded, punky power-pop style. “Something For Me,” heavily decorated with floral details, skulls, and more in the artwork and lyric video, is truly one of my favorite singles of 2020! Bruno sings, “I wish I could see that I just deserve better and that this won’t last forever. Why am I waiting? I know there’s something for me.”

March is Women’s History Month and we at For The Punks wanted to take the time to highlight lead singer Jenna Bruno and her talent. Continue reading to learn more about “Desensitized,” “Something For Me,” how we can promote equality in our scene, and more!

Your upcoming single “Desensitized” (which is amazing, by the way), follows the release of your 2020 single “Something For Me”. Are these tracks related in any way? How have you grown as individuals and a band between these releases?

Thank you! These two singles were actually recorded in the same session, but that’s the only way they are related in a songwriting context. They were recorded in 2019 before quarantine. Though there is only about half a year difference in their release, we certainly have grown in between – mainly in lifestyle changes!

Here’s a fun question because I noticed that in the lyric video and single artwork for “Something For Me,” there are a lot of flowers. If you were a flower, what would it be?

Jenna: I’d be a hydrangea. They are my favorite!

Matt: I don’t know many flowers. I’ll go with Hibiscus!

Lance: I would probably be hop flowers. Specifically citra!

Ferd: Yeah orchids are cool.

Justin: I’d be a sunflower because I’m a big fan of the seeds

Back to your new single, what message would you like listeners and fans to take away from “Desensitized”?

We hope this song helps someone feel a little less alone, especially in this period of isolation that we all have been facing. It’s okay to be struggling and it’s okay to ask for help.

What was the best and worst part about the creation of “Desensitized”?

The best part was definitely when our producer sent it to us to listen to for the first time. The worst part was waiting this long to release it!

Check out the single and music video for “Desensitized” here:

Let’s talk 2020 for a quick second… We all know that 2020 wasn’t the best year. What have you done as a band, or even individuals, to stay inspired and positive during this time? This doesn’t have to be related to music. What have you done to stay connected with fans?

Jenna: My main goal in all of this was to stay active and creative. It hasn’t been easy by any means, in fact it’s never been this hard. My main sources of inspiration in this time have been from my friends and family, books, and nature.

Matt: I graduated college and I started a new job, so I’d say I mainly focused on self growth this year. Some things I’d say that influenced me this year would be my family and loved ones, music, and gaming. Gaming gave us an opportunity to connect with fans on a different level that’s not just music. Twitch has become a very great platform for bands to interact with fans.

Lance: During all this craziness I have been doing whatever I can to stay positive. Being able to keep in contact with friends and fans over the internet has definitely kept my morale up. I also started an internship in late 2020 that I think will lead to a great career in the brewery industry!

Ferd: Throughout 2020 I have been focusing on self growth. My main sources of inspiration and things that have been keeping me positive were my friends, family, video games and music. 2020 was an awful year and all these things helped make it more bearable.

Justin: The birth of my son in 2020 has been such a blessing. It’s been hard to practice drums the way I’d like too, with a now 8 month baby in the house, but my motivation is still there. I also received a promotion at my job, which was another wonderful blessing for myself and family. All in all, life has been well for me, but God, I would do anything to play shows and have some normalcy again.

I saw that you have done a few streams! It’s very exciting to see that so many musicians and creators have streamed in the past year. Who do you like watching? If you were a video game, what game would you be?

Jenna: If I were a video game I would be Spyro the Dragon for sure.

Matt: I watched Timthetatman for a bit, Nickmercs, and Critical! My answer for this changes from time to time because we have been asked this question once or twice, I’d have to say Kingdom Hearts 2!

Lance: I don’t watch many streamers, aside from Telle Smith and Ronnie Radke. If I was a video game I would be Halo 3!

Ferd: If I were a video game, I’d be Crash Bandicoot!

Justin: If I were a video game, I’d say Assassins Creed. I can play those games for hours.

I feel like in 2020, one of the things that kept a lot of people close was the releasing of new music. What was your favorite music release in 2020? And why?

Jenna: It’s a tough choice for sure, but I think my favorite release would be either technicolor by Covet or After Hours by The Weeknd

Matt: Post Human: Survival Horror by Bring Me the Horizon was my favorite release this year either that or No good left to give by Movements.

Lance: There were a ton of great releases in 2020 so this is hard!! Mine would be Eggy Pocket by Bilmuri and The Way it Ends by Currents.

Ferd: My favorite releases in 2020 were def Distance by Boys Of Fall, Wake Up Sunshine by All Time Low and 20/20 by Knuckle Puck. Those records I can listen to front to back without skipping a song!

Justin: Ironically I’m a huge metal head. My favorite release is Spiritbox’s most recent single ‘Constance’. Not their heaviest but Courtney LaPante is an incredible vocalist.

March is Women’s History Month. Do you believe women are properly represented in this industry?

Jenna: Unfortunately, no. But I do feel like that is changing. It needs to.

Have you ever been treated less than equal because of your gender in this industry?

Jenna: Absolutely.

Take a second to listen to their single “Something For Me” below!

The video was done by Stephanie O’Byrne, an amazing illustrator, designer, and animator living in Tennesee.

If you had to give just one piece of advice to a woman just getting started in the industry, what would you say?

Jenna: Don’t give up! I know this industry can be so intimidating but we need women like you! Keep following your dreams and keep practicing. The world needs your art.

What are some things everyone can do to promote equality in our scene?

Jenna: Diversify show lineups and make the environment welcoming for everyone. Open up the floor for conversations on equality. Be prepared to learn and unlearn. Be respectful and don’t take advantage of others. This is by no means an exhaustive list, however I believe they are basic ways to take steps in the right direction in the scene.

Who are some of your favorite women musicians (bands, solo, etc.)?

Jenna: Hayley Williams, Yvette Young, Lights, so many more!

Matt: A few for me would be Hayley Williams, Amy Lee, and Lynn Gunn!

Lance: Obviously Hayley Williams. Lynn Gunn, Courtney LaPante, and Jenna Mcdougall are all awesome too!!

Ferd: Hayley Williams, Yvette Young, Elise Trouw, and many more!

Justin: Courtney LaPante, Hayley Williams, Jessica Burdeaux, and many more!

So after the release of “Desensitized,” what are your plans? What is next for The Ones You Forgot?

We’re going to keep writing new music! Hopefully shows make their comeback soon and we can safely hit the road again.

If you had to share one more thing (literally anything) with our readers, what would it be?

We appreciate them taking the time to read about us today. We hope their 2021 is much better than their 2020!

Be sure to connect with The Ones You Forgot on social media and to stream their new single “Desensitized” today!

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