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Meet Me @ The Altar And More Perform In Atlanta, GA On March 3

A couple weeks ago I traveled to Atlanta, GA to catch one of the best pop-punk lineups I’ve seen.

First on the bill was Anxious. At the time, I was not familiar with them but they put on such a good show and they earned a new fan. Lots of energy and they have such a good punk sound to them! Their album Little Green House was released on January 21, 2022 and they will be on the road with Boston Manor, Trash Boat, and Higher Power from April 4 to May 9, hitting various cities across the United States.

Next up we had the amazing Meet Me @ The Altar. They were a powerhouse of a band. Putting on such an amazing show with so many smiles. There is something about their energy that you can’t help but smile when they are on stage. The energy is contagious.

To make this show even more special, the lead vocalist, Edith Johnson, is actually from Atlanta. So she had family members in the crowd screaming for her and the band the whole set! I suggest finding a show with them playing ASAP.

On March 11, the band released the acoustic version of their EP Model Citizen, which gave the tracks a new life. Meet Me @ The Altar will be playing the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, Illinois this July.

Third to play was Hot Mulligan. These guys call themselves post-emo and I think I have to agree with them. Their music is somewhat pop-punk but it has this underlying emo feel to it that makes their music addicting. On stage they seem like the most chill people you would ever meet. They set up everything themselves and just started playing. The crowd went crazy for them. Between every song they would make a couple of awkward jokes and move on. Such a great performance.

Lastly we have pop-punk legends, Knuckle Puck. They are always amazing, but this time they were better than I’ve ever seen. They always have such high energy but they never really had a budget for stage presence. Now that they are larger, they have a little bit more wiggle room to grant them access to the incredible light show to add to their amazing performance. The show was a little different since the lead vocalist that is usually jumping around was playing bass. This was because their drummer broke his foot, leaving the bassist to play drums and the vocalist to play bass. Thankfully the whole band is multi-talented and can play all these instruments (very well)!

This truly was a powerhouse of a tour and I recommend following the bands on social media to stay updated on when they might be on tour next.

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