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Microwave Stops At Empire Garage In Austin, TX 

Microwave had fans packed inside the Empire Garage in Austin for their US headlining tour. The psychedelic rock three-piece recently released their fourth full-length album, Let’s Start Degeneracy. Microwave treated the crowd with tracks from the new album like “Bored of Being Sad” and the title track, as well as fan favorites such as “Dull,” “Vomit,” and my personal favorite, “Keeping Up.” The band’s performance was a perfect blend of new material and beloved hits, captivating the audience from start to finish.

Setting the stage for the headliner was Origami Angel. The duo from Washington, D.C. played a high-energy set with their unique blend of pop-punk and math rock. Origami Angel played songs such as “Dr Whomst,” “Thank You, New Jersey,” and “Self-Destruct.”

Heart Attack Man and Carpool Tunnel supported Microwave on the US tour as well. The tour concludes tomorrow night, June 8, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Heart Attack Man

Origami Angel


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