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Minneapolis Feels The Love On An Indigo De Souza Valentine’s Day

Indigo De Souza stopped at Minneapolis’s First Avenue on February 14 to a room full of dedicated fans adorned in Valentine’s Day themed outfits that were ready to share the love with the indie artist. Though not accompanied by a specific release, this run of dates follows the drop of Indigo De Souza’s third full-length album, All of This Will End, in April of last year. All of This Will End is certainly their most popular album to date with one single off the album, “You Can Be Mean”, quickly rising to “indie classic” status over the past year. Nonetheless, De Souza’s fans belted lyrics to each and every song on their intricately organized and diverse setlist.

Joining the first leg of the tour was North Carolina based indie rock band, Truth Club, who more recently released an album in October. Unfortunately, one member was unable to accompany the band on tour due to illness, but despite this, the remaining trio of Truth Club members put on a great show. I would recommend Truth Club for fans of The Strokes as they have a similar experimental rock sound.

The barricade was decked out for Indigo De Souza as audience members attempted to express their love and adoration for the artist through creative expression. Two fans stood out in particular as they told me of the amount of time that it took to paint a massive red heart on their faces, as well as glue on pearls and red ribbons. It was truly an act of passion that did not go unnoticed by Indigo De Souza as they took the stage. Indigo De Souza and their band rocked their way through an hour-and-a-half set and filled the room with their perfectly balanced and unique sound.

Fear not if you haven’t made it to a stop on the Indigo De Souza spring tour as there is a whole leg of dates yet to come at the end of March. This show is definitely a must-see, if not for the incredible music, then for the pure passion and love that Indigo De Souza’s fans embody.

Truth Club

Indigo De Souza

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