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“Out Of Your Mind”: MisterWives Reintroduces Themselves With Explosive New Single and Video

In the family of MisterWives’ discography, “Out Of Your Mind” is the jaded older sister who was forced to know better.

MisterWives, a group once known as a juggernaut of technicolor indie-pop, turns over a new leaf with the release of “Out Of Your Mind,” an explosive new single dripping with catharsis. This song is a big risk for a group with such an established history as a pop group. Since stepping on the indie-pop scene in the early 2010s, MisterWives has consistently been met with critical acclaim. Their debut EP Reflections was branded as a herald of the genre, showcasing the nuance and emotional depth that can and should be the foundation to pop music. Riding this high, MisterWives followed their critical success through two more album releases, 2015’s Our Own House and 2017’s Connect The Dots, following a similar vein of deeply honest and emotional narratives paired with eclectic, innovative sound. Their most recent studio album, 2020’s SUPERBLOOM, saw a transition to allow a more soulful, funk-inspired take on the indie-pop group while still remaining true to their roots.

It is evident in this new release that, after a near decade of success in the pop scene, “Out Of Your Mind” is a necessary change of pace for the group. The latest track sees the band step out of their comfort zone, embrace uncomfortable feelings and take more artistic risks. This new single embraces anger and frustration in a way that we haven’t seen from the band before. Not only does the single acknowledge these feelings as a natural reaction to grief and betrayal, it takes that extra step to celebrate them.

“Out Of Your Mind” is a prime example of the good that comes from releasing pain, torment, rage, and every other “undignified” feeling into the creation of something new. The big feelings behind this new single shine through in an unexpected and powerful way, a feat that is all too common in MisterWives’ music. In a press release issued alongside the single, frontwoman Mandy Lee says:

“Stepping out of our comfort zone and not masking uncomfortable feelings with arpeggiated synths and sweet progressions was a pivotal moment needed to let go of pain and anger that was no longer mine to carry, while also giving us creative freedom to not feel boxed into what might be expected from us. ‘Out of Your Mind’ came from a time when I experienced devastating betrayal from people I trusted. This paradigm shift sent me into a deep spiral of self-doubt–one that gave weight to scathing comments and made me question whether or not it was time to give up on music. Instead of succumbing to the doubt, I finally began my journey with therapy and a new, emboldened sense of self emerged that fueled what became this album.”

Photo by Matty Vogel

In addition to the striking new single, MisterWives is also releasing a new video for “Out Of Your Mind.” Heavily inspired by sinister sci-fi works like 1999’s The Matrix and Apple+ hit streaming show Severence, this empowering video represents a division of one’s self and how important it is to give yourself permission to embrace the parts that aren’t all sunshine and roses. The video begins with Mandy Lee liberating herself from the confines of traditional societal expectations (the inciting incident sees Lee in an ill-fitting dress shirt and tie, sitting in front of a computer in what looks to be an empty office space) by violently trashing the space around her. The audience then follows Lee through several dramatic cutscenes, showing several versions of the lead singer all existing on different planes. These multiple selves live within Lee’s physical body that has been kept dormant and unaware of the perpetual loop in which she’s been trapped.

This story, spliced together with performance cutscenes reminiscent of the best of early 2010s Paramore, shows audiences an artist who has had to fight tooth and nail to defy industry expectations and create art that is authentic to her. In a press release issued in tandem with “Out Of Your Mind,” video director Matty Vogel says:

“Mandy and I wrote the concept for the video together, and it’s a really transparent and honest representation of the journey she’s been on. It was important to show that your pain can become your power and be used to set yourself free, which is the crux of this song and album. The message of ‘Out Of Your Mind’ is that you can absolve yourself from doubt, fear, and pain, and convert it into empowerment. With plenty of Easter eggs and visual symbolism, we are excited for this next world to unfold as the new album begins.”

“Out Of Your Mind” is available to stream on all platforms today, March 30! You can watch the exhilarating new music video on MisterWives’ YouTube channel & below.

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