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Mom Jeans Drop Addictive New Album ‘Sweet Tooth’

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If you haven’t already heard, Californian pop-punk sweethearts Mom Jeans have released a brand new album today titled Sweet Tooth. It’s an album that you will undoubtedly hold close to your heart for years to come.

This is the bands third album with their first full length album Best Buds released back in 2016 and their second Puppy Love in 2018. We first got a sweet taste of what the album would sound like when the band dropped “What’s Up,” “Circus Clown,” “Crybaby (On The Phone),” and “Graduating Life” in early January and what absolute bangers they are. Check out my thoughts on Sweet Tooth below!

Mom Jeans by Kelly Mason

“Something Sweet” is the first song that greets us on the album. It has a classic pop-punk sounds in the chorus and more modern sound in the verse. It is simply a great track that will be your favourite from the very first time you listen to it.

The lyrics “Give me something sweet so I can make it through the week – Don’t care if I end up with cavities” will ring out in your head all day.

“What’s Up” then comes through with a sick, steady drum beat followed by the sweet sounds of guitar that intertwine and create this really intoxicating tune. After listening to this track, I can picture fans yelling the lyrics back to the band at shows with its flawless emo sound and relatable lyrics.

Pop-punk meets alternative folk is what I hear when “Hippo In The Water” starts to play. The track is engulfed by a super strong bass line that goes hard and really makes the song great. Even though this track is just under 2 minutes, it brings more of a fast paced sound throughout the verses and chorus and really stand out with its punchy instruments.

“White Trash Millionaire” leads us in with a more slower approach with an acoustic guitar but then crashes hard back into that good old pop-punk sound. “Circus Clown” takes more of the slower, steadier approach through the whole track and punches hard with those great pop-punk vocals and a solid melody in the chorus. It’s a huge highlight of the track.

Watch the music video for “Circus Clown” here:

“Sugar Rush,” track number six, is full of guitar riffs. When the drums kick in around the one-minute mark, it fully completes the track with an ultimate sugar rush feeling, leaving you wanting more.

“Graduating Life” is just how you imagine it to be. It opens with the sweet sounds of an acoustic guitar intertwined with the soft sounds of a piano. It creates such a wonderful vibe for the lyrics to drift through your ears and make you fall in love with the track.

One of my favourites on the album is definitely “Luv L8r” with its mix of slower verses that soon hits hard into a catchy chorus that serves a huge plate of nostalgia. It has sounds of a classic pop-punk sound from the early 2000’s that would be on repeat all day, every day.

There is a huge pattern when it comes to tracks on this album. They start off very slow and then explode into fast paced or steadier paced tracks. This is something Mom Jeans does so well and I will never get tired of it.

“Crybaby (On The Phone)” is another example of this and it is just as great as the other tracks we hear. Watch the music video for it below.

Now track ten, “Anime Theme Song,” is so f*cking cool. The start of the track sounds like the perfect opening tune for an anime and then, of course, it punched back into that great Mom Jeans sound that has you head banging and singing along with every word. The lyrics in this track are a definite highlight, especially in the bridge section.

“Tie Dye Acid Trip” is another favourite on the album. From the first listen, it did extremely well at instantly grabbing my attention with its use of guitar effects. These effects create a perfect melody that pairs well with its lyrics. You will be addicted to this track.

As we get down to discussing the last two tracks of Sweet Tooth, I can’t help but reflect on how impressed I’ve become by this band. Their ability to start the album with pop-punk and emo tunes that mix classic sounds with more modern ones followed by slower tunes with indie vibes, have you feeling things you didn’t think you could feel.

“Ten Minutes” has a more alt-indie feel to it, from the lyrics to the instruments all put together, it’s an emotional ride.

“Teeth” the last track of the LP. Again, it is another slower song that has beautiful guitar riffs throughout. There is more of a chill vibe that acts as a bittersweet finish to the album and in my opinion, the perfect track to finish Sweet Tooth off.

'Sweet Tooth' album artwork

Mom Jeans prove time and time again that they have a lot of talent to showcase and I love seeing them thrive when they release new music. This album is going to hit fans hard and make them fall in love with this band all over again. Any new listeners will fall hard from the first track. I can even see Sweet Tooth being the perfect album for fanas to play on a record player in the summer time.

Sweet Tooth is simply a such a great time – from the first track to the last, you are bound to find something on the album that you absolutely love, if not the whole album itself.

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