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Montclair Release New EP “The Stars Will Look Down Upon Us” With Accompanying Music Video

One of Connecticut’s newest melodic post-hardcore bands, Montclair, released their five track EP The Stars Will Look Down Upon Us today, May 13. Accompanying the release of the EP is a music video for track two, “The Presence of Unity.”

Montclair is Max Holsbeke (vocals), Nick Demichele (guitar), Matt Rosano (bass), and Alex Allen (drums). Drawing from 90’s emo, Touché Amore, and Title Fight, Montclair combines your favorite pop-punk elements with new-age melodic hardcore to produce gritty songs that are meant to be played loud. And with artwork from Sam Swamp (@saturdaysketchbook), mixing from Nick DeMichele, and mastering from Gate 4 Studio, this is one of my favorite EPs of 2022 so far.

Photo of Montclair

Inspired by the ever-changing state of our world, the band removes the rose-colored glasses to highlight the importance of taking care of yourself mentally through their hard hitting beats and their authentic, raw lyrics.

Before releasing this EP, they self-released the single “Who I Left Behind (Death Rattle)” on January 7, 2022. Though not a track on this new EP, it’s still a must-listen. The band also released a music video for this track. Scenes in the video portray overdose. Holsbeke sings, “Body on the floor, face is blue / He can’t feel the warmth of the room / And I can’t feel a heartbeat / Five minutes later he’s up on his feet / Gets in the car to drive away / “Son I love you but you can’t stay / I don’t want you to pass away.”

As For The Punks contributor Precious Tucker shared earlier this year during their interview, “Montclair’s repertoire utilizes piercing vocals, sublime stanzas, visceral visuals, and intense illustrations all to amplify the importance of asking for help.”

Watch the music video for “Who I Left Behind (Death Rattle)” here:

“The Presence Of Unity” music video, filmed by Anthony Mazzarella and edited by Montclair’s singer Max Holsbeke, features a performance of the band in a parking lot/building. Though quite different from their previous music video, it is still a great representation of the band and the genre. Between the upbeat, post-hardcore sound, catchy hooks, and meaningful words, this video and track is sure to grab your attention.

“Have my back this one last time / For this path we walk will / Only lend one choice / The stars will look down upon us / And wrap us away from all our worries,” Holsbeke sings.

Watch the music video for “The Presence Of Unity” here:

Closing out the EP is my personal favorite track titled “Lighthouse.” It’s the longest song coming in at three minutes, but my absolute favorite.

Next month from June 2 to June 9, the band will be on the road with Fanfare and Private Mind for seven days. Visiting cities in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, and others, this is a tour you do not want to miss.

To learn even more about the band and their music, Watch the interview that Precious Tucker did with the band on the official For The Punks YouTube channel here:

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