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Nessa Barrett Performs at the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA

On November 10th at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California, I had the absolute pleasure of catching the angelic performance of Nessa Barrett! The room was absolutely packed with fans and each one came dressed to the nines in sparkly slips and big bows, very true to Nessa fashion.

After a captivating opening performance from MAY-A, an Australian artist who rocked the room, Nessa took the stage. With a simple cross as set decor it fit perfectly with the themes portrayed in her music. Paired with Sage Weeber, a killer drummer out of Illinois who has played for the likes of Landon Barker and even Bring Me the Horizon, and Daniel Geraghty, a guitarist who works closely with Twenty One Pilots, they made the performance so much more iconic.

Since releasing her first single, “Pain” in 2020, Nessa has grown into her own and truly put on an amazing show for fans who camped over 24 hours to see her. Seeing the looks on their faces when she took the stage made it clear that they would do it all again for her. After playing a new song “Club Heaven” and gracing the fans with and unreleased song, ‘”Girl in New York”, we can only anticipate what’s coming next. With only three dates left, Nessa will be closing out the tour very soon in the Pacific Northwest. This evening was a magical one filled with so much love. If you have the opportunity to see Nessa‘s performance live, take it.

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