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New England’s Broken Vow Releases EP of Eureka – “Sane Minds End”

New England’s Broken Vow wasted zero time to make hardcore history after meeting at a 2020 Magnitude show. Sunday Drive Records and New Morality Zine called first dibs this past December and split released their latest EP, Sane Minds End, which has hardcore fans around the globe two-stepping, screaming, moshing, and of course – losing their minds! While many describe the masterpiece as a sonic time machine that channels 90s metal influences, the quintet is indeed crafting their own signature, and they’re just getting started.

In an interview with BV’s vocalist, Tommy Harte, we explored what contributes to his creative confidence, how he copes with idleness and feeling directionless, and what helps him feel safe.

Throughout Sane Minds End, it is obvious Tommy is intrigued by the mind itself and is determined to dismantle its sinister surveillance. Becoming aware of paranoia’s unreliability has modified its overall effect on him. Tommy uses his passion for the hardcore scene and writing as a torch while he dissects his doom and distills his despair. Audiences are encouraged to ignite their own flame, detach from the adrenaline attached to pain’s lust for control, and divorce fear.

Broken Vow by Emily Hartmann (Photosxbyem)

SME is an E-flat minor mosaic that confronts enigmatic emotions and serenades sadness with symphonic serendipity. Each sonata is a synopsis of society’s insanity – perhaps it’s all an illusion. The system continuously refuses to make sense and neglects those most at mercy. It’s a cry for clarity, a demand for decency, a hymn of hope for humanity. Riveting riffs and eclectic cymbals parade the wordplay’s recurring tour jeté.

Broken Vow’s orchestra also features Harrison Sacco on guitar, Evan Stein on guitar, Nicole Servetnik on bass, and Max Holsbeke on drums. Their live performances demonstrate chromatic charisma, invaluable velocity, and an undeniable energy that time will continue to weld. Eckhart Tolle would applaud their eureka.

Watch the full interview Precious Tucker had with Tommy Harte here:

Watch Broken Vow perform on November 27, 2021:

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