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New Spring Sing-Alongs: gloss “Entwined” EP Review

The all-female R&B and indie-pop Philadelphia, Pennsylvania group gloss has just released their debut EP titled Entwined on March 26th. It holds all the perfect glitzy tracks for your spring, windows-down sing-alongs.

The EP features four tracks that are an exploration of their musical journey that is inviting and exciting. The cover art, featuring bright colors, mushrooms, and beautiful butterflies, greatly captures the eclectic energy this EP brings.

“Mariposa” and “Play Myself Again,” two of the tracks, were released as singles before the EP dropped. I think that these tracks were a perfect introduction to the EP, as they showcase the spirit brought by the music. As a band, gloss reminds me of the early 2000s pop, something that feels both familiar and unique. Their catchy rhythms and upbeat melodies are danceable, singable, and overall feel of the perfect nostalgic energy.

The other two tracks, “Third Person” and “Walk On” are just as enjoyable. I first listened to these songs while basking in the sun and I honestly think that their energy matched the activity perfectly. The band chose a perfect time to release their music, as the spring scene unfolds in front of us, matching the colorful sound of gloss’ tunes.

"Entwined" Artwork

For their debut EP, gloss brings a bright pop of energy, vigor, and life to the scene. Check out Entwined now, and have a beautiful spring!

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