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New York Band The Weather Might Say Otherwise Punch Out Brand New Track “I’ll Drink To That”

New York based alt-rock band The Weather Might Say Otherwise (TWMSO) are back with a brand new banger of a track titled “I’LL DRINK TO THAT!”. The band formed back a few years ago at SUNY Fredonia in 2018 and have since come into the Western New York music scene, having played shows all over New York to gain more reach.

TWMSO consists of vocalist/guitarist Damian Brown, bassist Tanor Morrison and drummer Zach Richardson who work so well together to create this great, punchy sound. Their last release was their debut EP titled Youthful Belligerence which has a more alt-rock sound to it and it was released around 2 years ago back in 2019. I think it’s fair to say that the hype is real for this new track.

“I”LL DRINK TO THAT!” starts off with this incredibly catchy little guitar riff that instantly catches your attention and draws you and kind of reminds me of an old school pop-punk song. It then slams into a rhythm section of guitar chords, bass and fast drums that work well together to create a strong verse instrumentally. When you think that this can’t get any better, then the vocals come into play and blow you away.

From listening to the first half of the song, this track definitely has some strong pop-punk influences as you can hear it in the guitar chords and the vocals. If I had to describe the sound of this track it would be pop-punk mixed with alt-rock to create this unique upbeat energetic sound. The band members each do an amazing job with their instruments throughout the whole song and blend together perfectly to create such a great tune. Their previous releases we’re definitely more alt-rock and heavier than this new track which has a lot more pop-punk tones to it. I’m amazed at the talent these guys have and can really see them doing big things in the future.

“I’LL DRINK TO THAT!” is one of the most energetic songs we have written so far. The instrumental is upbeat and moves really well, it contrasts the lyrics quite a bit. The song dives into some different themes about the darkness of drug use in general, but more so alcoholism. Drugs are a scary thing that can really destroy you, I just try to talk about it a little bit,” vocalist Damian Brown says about the track.

TWMSO cover art by their singer Damian

Overall, this track is honestly just really great. The instrumentals are delightful whereas the lyrics take on a more serious tone which is what I really love about it – with lyrics like “Feeding to your conscience with wishes untold, the bottom of the bottle is all that show” is just an example of that.

These guys did such a great job with this track and I can’t wait to see what they create next. If you have never heard of this band, I highly recommend that you check them out!

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