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Noah Cyrus “Burns Down Charlotte’ (In A Good Way) Performing At The Underground

Noah Cyrus took the stage at the Underground in Charlotte on “The Hardest Part” tour with opener Anna Bates on September 16. Both Bates and Cyrus burned down the city (in a good way) with their performances. While both performers had almost the same whimsical vibe of their sets, Bates’ performance was more soft and soulful. Alongside fellow artist, Van Andrew Berkemeyer, both musically told their experiences and stories through song, especially about a cheap hotel horror story.

As Cyrus took the stage, she was both the star and the enigma of the show, gracing everyone with her whimsical, yet mysterious presence and her voice, almost hypnotizing the audience.

The show was not only a celebration of her performing in Charlotte for the first time, but also celebrating the first anniversary of her debut album, The Hardest Part, which was released on September 16, 2022.

Along with the songs “July” and “I Got So High I Saw Jesus,” towards the end of her set, Cyrus went back to her roots and performed her debut song “Make Me (Cry)” originally performed with Labrinth, with the audience and fans of hers that have been with her since the beginning, singing the lyrics right back to her.

Throughout her set, her performance and her latest album showcases her unique sound and voice. For fans, watching Cyrus grow into her own person as a performer, it continues to give her fans a promising and exciting new glimpse into her upcoming music.

Anna Bates

Noah Cyrus

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