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Noah Kahan’s ‘We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour’ Stops In St. Paul On June 7 and 8

The one and only Noah Kahan visited Saint Paul, Minnesota’s infamous Xcel Energy Center for a two-night stint on June 7 and 8. The folk-pop singer is well known for his mental health advocacy, after starting his own mental health foundation, The Busyhead Project, which has raised over two million dollars for mental health causes to date. The We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour, named after the extended edition of Kahan’s 2022 album, Stick Season, has allowed Kahan to continue to raise mental health awareness through what he calls, “The Busyhead Project Village,” which is open on every tour date. The “village” includes booths with information about local mental health organizations, voting registrations, and even a wall where you can leave positive notes for others to read, something I took advantage of on my own visit to The Busyhead Project Village. Aside from his mental health advocacy, Noah Kahan has become somewhat of a star these past two years, from touring in 1500-capacity venues at the end of 2022 to selling out a full arena tour in early 2024, it seems there is no stopping Kahan. After attending my fourth Noah Kahan show since 2022 on June 7, it is not difficult to figure out why the artist is so addictive.

Photo by Joe Lemke

Although Kahan has many incredible artists opening for him on the ‘We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour,’ I was ecstatic to find out that John Vincent III would be the preluding act for my date. The incredibly underrated artist has been silently releasing some of the most intimate folk music that I have ever heard over the past few years. Vincent is most known for his 2019 album, Songs From The Valley, which features eight beautifully composed tracks that blend seamlessly into one another, both thematically and instrumentally. John Vincent III released another album last year titled, Songs For The Canyon, which yet again is a perfect listen from top to bottom. I would highly recommend giving his discography a listen if you are a fan of Gregory Alan Isakov, Fleet Foxes, or even Briston Maroney. This was my first time catching Vincent and it was all that I could have dreamt of. His forty-five-minute set combined songs old and new, and provided new listeners with a curated sample of his artistry. I will definitely be making an appearance at one of his headlining dates this fall.

Photo by Joe Lemke

Up next was, of course, Noah Kahan. Although I have seen several shows since the release of We’ll All Be Here Forever, each time I am left with a new understanding of Kahan and the stories that he chooses to tell. His raw lyricism and well-crafted instrumentalism create a concert experience unlike any I have ever witnessed. Kahan has the ability to invoke every human emotion possible, from smiles to tears, and I, among many in the audience, fell victim to the emotions of the evening. Though primarily featuring songs off of Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever), the setlist for the evening also included several new songs and songs from his historic discography, making the show updated and unique for those that have seen him before. Attending the show alone gave me a new perspective (pun intended) on those around me. Looking around the audience, I witnessed fans embracing during songs like “The View Between Villages” and “Carlo’s Song” and dancing to songs like “Northern Attitude” and “Stick Season.”

I must say that Noah Kahan has truly managed to craft a fanbase of incredible, passionate people. Overall, the show was everything that a fan could hope for and more, and I am already making plans for the next time I will be able to see him. If you haven’t had the chance to catch a show yet, fear not because Kahan has several more shows and festival appearances before the summer ends. Noah Kahan is a must-see artist, there is absolutely no denying that, don’t miss him!

Photo by Joe Lemke
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