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NONEWFRIENDS.’s New Single, “Closer” Is an Unexpected Delight

We last covered Syracuse, New York’s NONEWFRIENDS. in January after the release of their first single “Already Gone”, which now has 96,000 streams on Spotify. In August, they released another infectious song called “The Hook”. NONEWFRIENDS. is now back and better than ever this fall with their newest single “Closer”. Released earlier this month, the new track features their signature fusion of R&B, pop, and soul elements.

The six piece group met in the classroom freshman year, frequently collaborating and making music together. When they officially became NONEWFRIENDS., they started getting noticed off campus as well, gaining more attention. After being asked to play venues in and around campus, NOWNEWFRIENDS. quickly became the number one group at Syracuse. This indie/R&B group was set to play the Knitting Factory (Brooklyn) in May as well as many other venues on the east coast but unfortunately COVID had other plans.

This funky upbeat tune starts off slow and builds in anticipation of the chorus with fervorous groove immediately puts you in a good mood and excitement to where the song leads. “Closer” is unexpected yet smooth. It features jazzy saxophone under sexy guitar licks, some funky keyboard, and soulful R&B vocals. About 3 minutes in we get a sick instrumental break giving the song a bit of an old school vibe making it impossible to sit still. This song is sure to put you in a great mood no matter where you’re at.

“Closer” is about the very beginning stages of a relationship where you can’t get enough of the other person, deciding to just go for it with that person. Forgetting about what you should do and giving into the temptation of being with someone, regardless of what could happen. The first line of the chorus bursts out, “This time let’s forget our fears” representing those feelings well.

“Closer” is accepting everything that comes with the rush of this new relationship. The track starts out with a slow burn, it has the feeling of releasing any inhibitions you may have and just going for it, not knowing where it might go. Lead singer Elizabeth Stuart says, “Come a little closer my dear”, in the pre-chorus enticing the listener for what’s to come in the song.

Stuart’s voice is entrancing, genuine, and effortless making their stuff so easy to listen to on repeat. Her gorgeous voice along with the equally talented other members make their work so compelling. Their unexpected sound makes their new track distinct. Perfect to groove to or just to get you in a good mood, “Closer” is one of those songs that stays in your head hours after you’ve listened to it finding something new in it every time it plays.

With a sound as fresh, creative, and unique it’s hard to believe that members of NONEWFRIENDS., Stuart, Peter Groppe (guitar), Jackson Siporin (saxophone), Jack Harrington (bass), Scott Greenblatt (keys), and Jared Alvares (percussion), are only college junior and seniors. I only see big success and more great music coming from them in their future especially after they drop their expected EP in the coming months. If it is anything like this song, it’s sure to be a treat. I’m excited to see what’s next for them, especially after the pandemic, so we can all see this young group perform.

Connect with NONEWFRIENDS. on social media and be sure to stream “Closer” today on your favorite music platform!

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