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‘Northend Sweetheart’: A Raw and Beautiful Album By Ryan Caraveo

With influences from Eminem and Kid Cudi, but the style of today’s alternative pop, Ryan Caraveo brings a unique set of music to the table. His music is self-described as “deceptively sad” where it sounds cheery and upbeat, but the lyrics are raw and occasionally far from happy. He began his musical journey by rap battling his younger brother. With no professional musical training, he blossomed into a lyricist which made him the artist he is today. Ryan recently released his fifth album Northend Sweetheart which features 14 brilliant songs.

Although the pandemic didn’t slow down Ryan’s writing ability, he realized that everyone was going through the same emotions and songs began to sound the same. His music heavily focuses on the passionate part of living and the honesty that comes with it. Sugar coating isn’t his style. In the interview I got to sit in on through 1824•, he opened up about struggling with feeling worthy, “I think imposture syndrome is a very very real thing for a lot of artists. I know it is for me. And it’s tough because I have to be my champion.” He mentions that it’s hard to know the process of everything and how it’s made, yet still be blissful in it, “It’s a very easy thing to be trapped in.”

Watch the official music video for Ryan’s song “Superstar,” the second track off of his album Northend Sweetheart.

Ryan’s music doesn’t fit just one category, and that’s exactly how he likes it. He loves being able to create music in a way that lyrically is challenging but sonically is pleasing. Whether that means it’s more rap, or more R&B, or more pop, as long as it stays true to his style, he’s happy. He pushes himself to constantly create new sounds and it definitely shows. Check out Ryan’s new album Northend Sweetheart and make sure to follow his Instagram for updates on his upcoming tour.

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