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Nothing But Thieves Steal The Show In Austin, TX

English rock band, Nothing But Thieves, put on an amazing sold-out show on September 28, in Austin, Texas on their ‘Dead Club City Tour’ in support of their recent album Dead Club City (released on June 30, 2023)!

The lead singer of Nothing But Thieves, Conor Mason, showed his excitement for the show, sharing how much he loves Austin and that it’s one of the best cities to perform for! He also talked about how amazing everyone is, played some fun pranks on the crowd, and even talked about their new album. He mentioned that the band is always fluid with their music genre and likes being a band that can change it up every once in a while.

The crowd had the best energy the whole night! They matched the energy for each song, and every single person in the room had a smile on their face while cheering and singing along. 

The show opened with the first track of the new album, “Welcome to the DCC,” adding to the atmosphere of the band’s new era, Dead Club City (DCC). Throughout the show, the band occasionally played ‘commercial-like’ tracks advertising DCC and their merch, which was a really fun addition to hear for that extra immersion!

They ended with “Pop The Balloon” before coming back out for two encore songs. Fans were chanting for the band’s most popular song “Amsterdam.” The show officially ended with a Dead Club City favorite, “Overcome.”

Nothing But Thieves has been doing amazing with this nearly sold-out tour! If you ever have the chance, Nothing But Thieves is a band everyone should consider seeing live for the atmosphere, vocals, instrumentals, and the amazing energy they put on!

Nothing But Thieves

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