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Novarium Release Infectious New Single “Virus”

“Silly human, you should know. We always reap that which we sow.”

Novarium, a metal, hard rock, and gothic metal band hailing from the Washington, DC area is composed of Jen Janet (lead vocals), Carey White (bass, backing vocals), Micah Consylman (keyboards), D. Anthony (drums), Sean Gronholt and Dean Michaels (guitars). In 2018, the revitalized lineup paid homage to gothic metal legends, Type O Negative, with their own rendition of “Christian Woman.”

Now, Novarium has unveiled a new single entitled “Virus”, which is the band’s first contribution since their 2016 debut album, Omicron. The track is from their forthcoming EP and corresponds with the band’s first official music video.

Lead singer Jen Janet said, “Virus uses god/goddess imagery and gothic lyrics to describe human nature. It’s about loving someone and putting them on a pedestal, but that person changes, becoming selfish and evil. Although we are in the midst of a pandemic at the moment, we wrote this song quite a while ago. It seemed fitting to release it now with current events. It’s about understanding the virus inside ourselves – the dark parts of ourselves and coming to terms with them and who we are. Humans are not god and evil, there are always parts of us that will perform good deeds, and parts that will perform evil actions as well. Understanding that is an important part of understanding society and the confusing time in our current social and political climate.”

“Virus” marks a time of rebirth and evolution for the band, as they have conjured up an enchanting sonic spell that effectively meshes symphonic metal and orchestral elements together. A dark ambience is brought to life with the aid of 80’s synthesizers, string arrangements, and raging electric guitars. The composition cunningly infuses heavy instrumentals and emotive lyrics with Jen Janet’s soft, yet powerful, melodic vocals.

“I will rain ten plagues,

There’s nothing left of you to save.

You were eaten by your lies,

They swallow you, swallow you, biting and tearing you.

All the rot and decay consuming your sick anatomy.”

The “Virus” music video exhibits an ambiguous visual interpretation of the song. Jen Janet portrays a “Persephone” character who appears before people once they have died. She approaches each of the band members, awakening them from their “eternal slumber” in a stagnant purgatory, and beckons for them to follow her into the afterlife. She leads them to an abandoned warehouse where they are injected with a mysterious substance, that is deemed the “virus inside.” This results in the individuals’ final transformations as they become their gothic selves. They are united as members of the band Novarium, and ready to fulfill their ultimate purpose.

Watch the music video here:

Novarium is currently hard at work on their second EP.

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