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Ohio Band Sign Language Releases Debut Album “Madison & Floral”

It’s been a few months since Cincinnati, Ohio based band, Sign Language, put our their debut LP, Madison & Floral via Sunday Drive Records. It’s also been a few months that we haven’t listened to much of anything else, as this nine song album has both ignited a sense of nostalgia within, while gracefully taking over our speakers.

Photo by Carlisle Jones

We’ve seen this post-hardcore style many times before, and even more times attempted to be revived in recent years. It often becomes repetitive and overdone, and leaves the audience just returning to their Title Fight albums. It’s hard to compete with this scene’s favorite bands of 2014, as it produced a plethora of astounding punk bands that continued an era of memorable music beyond what anyone anticipated (think Balance and Composure, Citizen, Transit). However, Sign Language shows promise that they may be the initial band to break through this current oversaturated genre.

Throughout Madison and Floral, Sign Language has achieved an almost perfect level of balance between two main vocalists, that work cohesively to tell the trials and tribulations experienced in their Midwest hometown. The dual vocal dynamic is at times gritty and resilient, only to be interrupted by ethereal and lulling vocals from a female counterpart, that hypnotizes the listener into a fever dream. The angst filled screams even suggest one could be listening to the same vocals of Transit, another band that was popular amongst the scene in 2014. All of this is taking place throughout an impressive backdrop of transcending guitar riffs, unique basslines and just an overall continuous harmony of compelling music.

Watch the music video for their song “The Nothing” below.

Madison & Floral is available on all streaming platforms now! You can catch Sign Language at Flyover Fest this coming November 17 to 19 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. More information on the festival can be found here and here.

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