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Karalyn Hope

Owner and Founder

Karalyn Hope (she/her) is a photographer who specializes in live music and portraits based throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania and Upstate New York. She is currently attending SUNY Fredonia. She also loves creating mixed media art collages and designs. To learn more, you can visit her site here.

Jasmine Robinson

Social Media Assistant

Jasmine (she/her) is a student, graphic designer, and social media enthusiast. She has always been fascinated by all kinds of music and discovered her true passion after watching High School Musical as a kid. She loves attending concerts and can’t count how many she’s been to by now. She is studying at the University of California San Diego where she has been a designer for Fashion Quarterly and Design For America, and has most recently worked in digital marketing for Fan To Band. She loves playing guitar and songwriting in her free time, and dabbles in music production as well!

TJ Hayes

Social Media Assistant

TJ is a Chicago based college student, music journalist and concert lover. They started off as a concert loving teenager, joining label street teams in high school and fell in love with social media and the world of marketing. They are also incredibly passionate about live music accessibility and works with nonprofit Half Access. They are currently studying Social Media and Digital Strategy with a Music Business minor at Columbia College Chicago. 

Emma Agosta

Playlist Curator/Researcher, A&R

Emma (she/her) is a New Jersey based creator and music lover. She recently graduated from Montclair State University studying Communications and Media Arts. For as long as she can remember, Emma has loved pop culture, attending concerts, discovering new music, and watching the latest shows. Having become a part of the fan culture online for her favorite artists and TV shows at a young age allowed her to learn digital skills and inspired her to pursue her dreams of working in the music and entertainment industry.

Olivia Marie


Olivia Marie (she/they) is a writer, photographer, and advocate from Northeastern PA/Southern Tier NY. She is active at Juniata College, where she is studying gender studies and acts as co-president of their chapter of It’s On Us, as well as working in the field against interpersonal and domestic violence. Besides her studies, she has been an active writer as well as being a free-lance and school photographer. In their free time, they enjoys listening to music, going for long drives, and spending time with their amazing friends! For more about Olivia Marie, check out their carrd here!

Natalie Wilks


Natalie Wilks (she/her) is a writer, singer, and songwriter from Syracuse, New York. She is currently studying at SUNY Fredonia. Natalie hopes to gain knowledge of many different aspects of the music industry and work alongside artists as a publicist and entertainment journalist in the future. Aside from music, Natalie enjoys drinking coffee, exploring the city, petting cats, and journaling.

Kirsten Newbrough


Kirsten Newbrough (she/her) is a photographer from Fort Worth, Texas who loves live music, capturing memories, and making people smile. She started photographing shows in 2017 and is currently based on the east coast after getting a degree in Marine Biology.

Jade Ivy


Jade Ivy (she/they) is a writer from Rhode Island. Jade has a B.A. in Music Industry from the University of New Haven, and hopes to begin a career as a music journalist and author. Some of their other interests include learning about history and ethnomusicology, skateboarding, and collecting oddities.

Tammie Valer


From simple drawings to music and performance, Tammie (she/her) has always had a deep appreciation for all things art. She found her voice through photography and uses her camera as a tool to combine her passion for music, travel, and storytelling. Tammie spent her early adulthood diving deep into more conceptual and narrative based projects, developing her skills in the process. Her current focus is working with local Los Angeles musicians, documenting her experiences, and creating conceptual imagery with impact. Tammie’s versatility and eye for composition are visible across the many genres of her work. She continues to explore new ways to express her vision of the world and document places that inspire her.

Angelo Joseph


Angelo Joseph (he/him) is a New Orleans photographer/videographer that loves shooting live music, portraits, and short form documentaries. Angelo has a BA in Mass Communications with a concentration in Visual Communication and a Minor in Music Industry Studies from Loyola University New Orleans. His dream is to work full time as a touring music photographer. Besides photography, Angelo loves playing tennis, video games, and exploring new music. You can check out his work here.

Haley May


Haley May (she/her) is photographer based in North Carolina. She loves live music and capturing the special moments. She is passionate about connecting artists and fans and sharing their stories. She co-founded an organization called Artist Connect that does this through Zoom calls for charity. She also loves traveling and hanging out with her friends. Her dream is to go on tour with her favorite artist to capture the whole experience.

Emily Kayayan


Emily Kayayan is an NYC based photographer continuing her BFA in Photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She works independently in music, fashion, documentary, and conceptual photography. Her photography consists of piercing imagery that is characterized by an ominous undertone with divine femininity. Her work captures the human ability to collectively embrace change and growth. Through her journey of photography, she pushes herself to question her own beliefs and strives to unlearn taught behaviors.

Precious Tucker

Writer and Photographer

My name is Precious Tucker (she/her) and I’m a portrait photographer based in Oklahoma City! I adore visual art and its power to connect communities of all backgrounds. I’ve been keeping my camera close by for six years now. Piano was my first friend at age nine, and my passion for music has grown ever since! I’m incredibly proud to be a part of the FTP team!

Kyra Navarrete

Writer and Interviewer

Kyra (she/her) is a creative professional, specializing in graphic design and social media marketing. Born and raised in Chicago, her experiences growing up in the city shaped who she is today. She earned her BA in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and dove right into covering the punk music scene in the Bay Area and Chicago. Kyra also writes for her own podcast, “Relatable with Ilsa and Kyra,” a comedic nerdy pop culture show. You can almost always find her at her local dive bar bartending gig or attending a local show.

Dylan Fipps


Hi! I’m Dylan- born skate rat turned music enthusiast. My love for adrenaline, a killer break down and the need to document has led me to the path of concert media. Damn, do I love it. I’ve owned my own media business for the past five years and have focused my passion towards the world of concert photography. For me, there’s no going back. I’m always down for good coffee and a good conversation.

Melaney Fajardo


Growing up in a hispanic household, Melaney Fajardo (she/her) listened to traditional Ecuadorian music as well as the music that she has come to love today. Pursuing to become a record producer, she is studying music industry and business management at SUNY Fredonia. She is currently the vocalist for the band Over the Moon and a host for the radio show Just About Anything. She is getting experience managing and handling social media for upcoming artists. She loves going to concerts, spending time in the city, and surfing the waves at Rockaway Beach.

Meryl M.


Meryl M. (she/her) is a Filipino-American concert photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. She started concert photography in 2014, covering shows of touring bands from the Philippines, Fil-Am local shows, and other artists from the LA music scene. While she enjoys concert photography, she also takes wedding photos and portraits. Meryl also has various interests outside being a photographer. She is a full-time nurse, a furparent to four furry 4-legged children, and a drummer in an LA-based band called Something Came Up. Additionally, she is a foodie, her favorites are Redbull and Chickenjoy! As Meryl continues to grow as a photographer, she also hopes to one day start pursuing her other dream of becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician.

Christi Balderas

Writer and Photographer

Christi Rae Balderas (she/her) takes on the music scene in Houston, Texas by photographing and writing about live music, interviewing artists, and making her way through the crowd for that one shot. Christi believes the music needs to be captured—remembered and reminisced. At 24 years old, being at a concert every night, surrounded by hundreds of fans is a dream in itself. Although Christi dedicates most of her portfolio to music, she also specializes in sports and lifestyle photography. Find her at any venue around the city or exploring the downtown streets with her best friends.

Gisselle Pernett


Gisselle Pernett (she/her) is a journalist based in Southern California. Her love for writing and music stems from the magazines she read in middle school and watching interviews of her favorite bands. As a recent graduate at CSU Northridge, her goal is to further pursue a career in music journalism. Pre COVID, Gisselle enjoyed attending concerts and Emo Nite LA. Her interests also include body positivity, early 2000’s pop culture and plants.

Skylar Moody


Skylar Moody (she/her) is a writer from Northern New Jersey. She graduated from Rowan University with a bachelors degree in journalism, aspiring to become a music journalist for a large entertainment publication. She is extremely passionate about connecting with artists on a deeper level and finding unique formats to share their story with her readers. Besides writing, Skylar enjoys collecting vinyl records, curating playlists and shopping for the latest fashion trends.

Hannah Christine


Hannah Christine (Plympton) is a photographer that specializes in concert and portraits based throughout Central Ohio. She is currently attending Columbus College of Art and Design for her bachelor’s degree in photography. Hannah has begun to include film photography along with her digital work. She also loves traveling/hiking with her Australian Shepherd Pixel, working on cars, and working with horses in her spare time. To see more of her work, you can visit her portfolio here.

Kailyn Lunn


Kailyn (she/her) is a writer based in both Rome, PA and Pittsburgh, PA. She attends La Roche University majoring in Professional Writing and Journalism and writing for the school’s newspaper, the Redhawk Post. Aside from writing, Kailyn enjoys listening to music and curating playlists, spending time with friends, and exploring downtown Pittsburgh.

Luna Cayuela

Graphic Designer

Luna Cayuela (she/they) is a graphic designer currently located in Spain that has a deep passion for music. They spent a big chunk of her teenage years being part of local bands as a vocalist and listening to rock music. They discovered a whole new world when they realized that graphic design and music go hand-in-hand. Currently finishing their Graphic Design Degree, their aspirations include working in art direction and learning as much as possible about the music industry. In their free time, they enjoy being on stage, reading comics, astrology, and organizing zines. View their portfolio here.

Claire Farley


Claire (she/her) is a writer based in Manhattan, New York. After graduating from Johnson and Wales University with a degree in Sports, Entertainment, Event Management and Communications, Claire eagerly moved to NYC to become more involved in New York’s music scene. She hopes to highlight a diverse wealth of artists and eventually work with such artists by coordinating concerts and live shows around the world!

Em Violet

Photographer and Photo Assistant

Em (she/her) is a photographer and writer from Sydney, Australia. She has been passionate about music since age 7 when first taking up piano lessons and moving on to learning guitar and bass. Since moving to the city she wanted to do more with her passion by capturing shots of fellow musicians in the local scene and reviewing gigs. When she’s not busy with music, she likes to watch sitcoms and paint.

Liza Kushnir

Writer and Video Editor

Liza Kushnir (she/her) is a Russian, Los Angeles based photographer, video editor, and writer who is currently studying at California State University, Northridge. Thanks to her dad who was a musician, she grew up on classic rock bands like The Beatles and Queen, which influenced her current taste in music. Liza hopes to one day open up her own media company to help artists pursue their passion as well as have a platform for social activism. Besides music, she loves to watch movies/tv shows, travel, and spend time with her cat.

Janet Eckles

Photographer and Video Editor

Janet (she/her) is a photographer and filmmaker based in Iowa. She currently runs her own photography and video business, working for artists, couples, and non-profit organizations. Discovering alternative music in high school saved her from her tiny hometown and sparked a need to be as close to music as possible at all times. While her dream is to tour with bands while providing visual content, her less exciting passions include coffee, petting dogs, and spending time at the lake.

Nicole Frunza


Nicole (she/her) is a photographer and graphic designer based in the Washington, D.C. area. She loves concert photography and portraits and her work is always lively and full of color. She loves to combine design elements with her photography whenever she gets the chance. Nicole is hoping to expand her talents in 2022 and is always willing to try new things. View her portfolio here.

Shelby Price

Writer and Photographer

Shelby (she/her) is a photographer, videographer and writer from Indianapolis, Indiana. Concerts have always been a part of her life. When she first got to take her camera into a show, she knew that she found her passion. She has directed, edited, and produced multiple music videos for local and aspiring bands as well as shot for some of her favorite pop punk artists. Her biggest accomplishment is taking photos of her favorite band, We The Kings. Her dream is to tour with bands and direct music videos all around the world.

Challen Carter


Challen Carter is a writer and filmmaker born and raised in Birmingham, AL. She earned her BA from Loyola University New Orleans where she was a finalist for the 2020 Dawson Gaillard Award. Carter draws inspiration from Amy Heckerling, Jamie Babbit, and other filmmakers she views as dictators of taste of the mid-late 90s. She strives to create stylized, evocative pieces of work that highlight often overlooked moments in the human experience. Her debut short film, Confessions of an Uptown Slug, is currently available to stream on YouTube. Her writing is featured in The Spring City Journal, Feminist Forum Magazine, and elsewhere.

Emma Bick


Emma Bick (she/her) is a photographer based in Syracuse, NY. Music has been a monumental part of her life, with her picking up the guitar and bass guitar in the past few years. She wanted to capture her love for music, which is why she started shooting shows. She has been shooting in her local scene for around two years.

Emily Kaufman


Emily (she/her) is a charismatic concert photographer from New Haven, Connecticut. Her love for music was sparked at an incredibly young age as she learned to speak from watching “ Disney Sing-Along Songs” VHS tapes. Now as an adult, she gets her music “fix” from photographing live shows. When she’s not at a concert, Emily can be found spending time with her friends and walking dogs.

Krishna Farol-Schenck


Krish (they/she) is a digital media specialist by day, bookworm by night, and always a storyteller. They have years of experience in development communications in the nonprofit sector, but sharing stories about music and pop culture is their dream. They’ve covered everything from live concerts to album reviews. She hopes to bring more attention to queer and BIPOC artists and creators. Check out Krish’s portfolio site:

Olivia Leon

Writer & Photographer

Olivia (she/her) is a photographer and writer from New York City. She currently attends Northeastern University in Boston, MA as an English & Communications major. Having always been immersed in the arts whether that’s musical, visual, or written, she hopes to pursue anything and everything creative in the future. She has most recently started Quiet Down Magazine, an outlet and community for newer creatives in the music industry from camera to stage. Check out her portfolio here.

Jade Jones


Jade (she/her) hails from Virginia and has been a music fan from the time she could walk. No matter the genre, if it sounds good, she’ll give it a shot. That being said, rock and metal have always had a special place in her heart, you can find her at a concert, listening to the newest rock tunes, or in the pit. She started The Musical Misfit in July of 2021; a podcast and website dedicated to promoting DIY and smaller bands within the scene. Between interviews, articles and interacting with bands and other related companies, and working a full-time job, she stays busy, but is always willing to help artists however she can. Her website and other socials can be found here.

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