Karalyn Hope

Owner and Founder

Karalyn Hope (she/her) is a photographer and writer who specializes in live music and portraits based throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania and Upstate New York. She is currently attending SUNY Fredonia as a Music Industry major. She also loves booking and running shows along with creating mixed media art collages and designs. To learn more, you can visit her site here.

Jasmine Robinson

Social Media Assistant and Graphic Designer

Jasmine (she/her) is a student, graphic designer, and social media enthusiast. She has always been fascinated by all kinds of music and discovered her true passion after watching High School Musical as a kid. She loves attending concerts and can’t count how many she’s been to by now. She is studying at the University of California San Diego where she has been a designer for Fashion Quarterly and Design For America, and has most recently worked in digital marketing for Fan To Band. She loves playing guitar and songwriting in her free time, and dabbles in music production as well!

Dan Calderone


My name is Dan Calderone (he/him) and I’m from Binghamton, NY. I began my music career in high school when I joined Coasting on Potential on bass guitar. After a few years, I moved to SUNY Fredonia to study Music Industry. I ran one of New York’s most established house venues, NPSC in Fredonia, and work as a Production Manager/Booking Assistant for Last Call Entertainment. You can also see me playing lead guitar for the alternative rock band, Eerie Shores.

Olivia Marie


Olivia Marie (she/her) is a writer, photographer, and advocate from Northeastern PA/Southern Tier NY. She is active at Juniata College, where she is studying gender studies and acts as co-president of their chapter of It’s On Us, as well as working in the field against interpersonal and domestic violence. Besides her studies, she has been an active writer as well as being a free-lance and school photographer. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, going for long drives, and spending time with her amazing friends! For more about her, check out her carrd here!

Natalie Wilks


Natalie Wilks (she/her) is a 19 year old writer, singer, and songwriter from Syracuse, New York. She is currently studying Music Industry at SUNY Fredonia. Natalie hopes to gain knowledge of many different aspects of the music industry and work alongside artists as a publicist and entertainment journalist in the future. Aside from music, Natalie enjoys drinking coffee, exploring the city, petting cats, and journaling.

Precious Tucker

Writer and Photographer

My name is Precious Tucker (she/her) and I’m a portrait photographer based in Oklahoma City! I adore visual art and its power to connect communities of all backgrounds. I’ve been keeping my camera close by for six years now. Piano was my first friend at age nine, and my passion for music has grown ever since! I’m incredibly proud to be a part of the FTP team!

Melaney Fajardo


Growing up in a hispanic household, Melaney Fajardo (she/her) listened to traditional Ecuadorian music as well as the music that she has come to love today. Pursuing to become a record producer, she is studying music industry and business management at SUNY Fredonia. She is currently the vocalist for the band Over the Moon and a host for the radio show Just About Anything. She is getting experience managing and handling social media for upcoming artists. She loves going to concerts, spending time in the city, and surfing the waves at Rockaway Beach.

Christi Balderas

Writer and Photographer

Christi Rae Balderas (she/her) takes on the music scene in Houston, Texas by photographing and writing about live music, interviewing artists, and making her way through the crowd for that one shot. Christi believes the music needs to be captured—remembered and reminisced. At 24 years old, being at a concert every night, surrounded by hundreds of fans is a dream in itself. Although Christi dedicates most of her portfolio to music, she also specializes in sports and lifestyle photography. Find her at any venue around the city or exploring the downtown streets with her best friends.

Hannah Michelson

Writer and Playlist Curator

Hannah Michelson (she/her) is a 20 year old writer, singer, and multimedia artist from North New Jersey. She is currently studying Theatre and Media & Communications at Muhlenberg College. Hannah has an eagerness to learn about a multitude of aspects in the music industry and aspires to work with artists in entertainment journalism and the music business in the future. Outside of music Hannah enjoys watching films, chilling with friends, going to live shows, and traveling.

Melanie Mae Bryan


Melanie Mae Bryan (she/her) is a photographer based out of North Carolina that specializes in live music and portraiture. She loves nothing more than photographing artists in their element and attempting to capture pure, raw emotion. She has been working on her photography career for the past 7 years, though she’s had a lifelong love of photography. Her other passions include her cat, listening to music, a variety of crafts, and anything cat/turtle-related.

Gisselle Pernett


Gisselle Pernett (she/her) is a journalist based in Southern California. Her love for writing and music stems from the magazines she read in middle school and watching interviews of her favorite bands. As a recent graduate at CSU Northridge, her goal is to further pursue a career in music journalism. Pre COVID, Gisselle enjoyed attending concerts and Emo Nite LA. Her interests also include body positivity, early 2000’s pop culture and plants.

Bri Rodriguez

Writer and Photographer

Bri (she/her) is a writer and photographer based in Tallahassee, Florida. She is currently finishing her studies in Commercial Photography Technology and working towards her bachelors in English Literature. Bri’s aspirations include gaining knowledge of multiple aspects of the music industry, forging her own career path as a content creator, and achieving her lifelong goal of becoming a published author. Her other passions include coffee, reading, and watching films (horror movies are her favorite!).

Kailyn Lunn


Kailyn (she/her) is a writer based in both Rome, PA and Pittsburgh, PA. She attends La Roche University majoring in Professional Writing and Journalism and writing for the school’s newspaper, the Redhawk Post. Aside from writing, Kailyn enjoys listening to music and curating playlists, spending time with friends, and exploring downtown Pittsburgh.

Shana Davidson


Shana Davidson (she/her) is a writer and inspiring YouTuber/Podcaster in the Philadelphia area. She has been writing for over a decade for many different publications including absolutepunk. She currently works in finance for VIP Touring and Festivals. Even though her day job is very numbers based it never stopped her passion for discovering new music and speaking with the people behind that music.

Luna Cayuela

Graphic Designer

Luna Cayuela (she/they) is a graphic designer currently located in Spain that has a deep passion for music. They spent a big chunk of her teenage years being part of local bands as a vocalist and listening to rock music. They discovered a whole new world when they realized that graphic design and music go hand-in-hand. Currently finishing their Graphic Design Degree, their aspirations include working in art direction and learning as much as possible about the music industry. In their free time, they enjoy being on stage, reading comics, astrology, and organizing zines. View their portfolio here.

Em Violet

Writer and Photographer

Em (she/her) is a photographer and writer from Sydney, Australia. She has been passionate about music since age 7 when first taking up piano lessons and moving on to learning guitar and bass. Since moving to the city she wanted to do more with her passion by capturing shots of fellow musicians in the local scene and reviewing gigs. When she’s not busy with music, she likes to watch sitcoms and paint.

Liza Kushnir

Writer and Photographer

Liza Kushnir (she/her) is a Russian, Los Angeles based photographer, video editor, and writer who is currently studying at California State University, Northridge. Thanks to her dad who was a musician, she grew up on classic rock bands like The Beatles and Queen, which influenced her current taste in music. Liza hopes to one day open up her own media company to help artists pursue their passion as well as have a platform for social activism. Besides music, she loves to watch movies/tv shows, travel, and spend time with her cat.

Shelby Price

Writer and Photographer

Shelby (she/her) is a photographer, videographer and writer from Indianapolis, Indiana. Concerts have always been a part of her life. When she first got to take her camera into a show, she knew that she found her passion. She has directed, edited, and produced multiple music videos for local and aspiring bands as well as shot for some of her favorite pop punk artists. Her biggest accomplishment is shooting for her favorite band since 6th grade, We The Kings. Her dream is to tour with bands and direct music videos all around the world.

Bri McDonald


Bri (they/them) is a writer, photographer, and graphic designer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. They grew up around music and were always encouraged to express themselves, which led to a love of all things creative. They hope to become a nomadic freelance creator, traveling the country (and the world!) to work with brands, musical acts, and other visual artists. Bri is currently working on an Associate’s degree in Graphic Design and Advertising and hopes to independently publish their first poetry book soon. Their other interests include growing houseplants, playing video games, and exploring new places.

Emma Bick


Emma Bick (she/her) is a photographer based in Syracuse, NY. Music has been a monumental part of her life, with her picking up the guitar and bass guitar in the past few years. She wanted to capture her love for music, which is why she started shooting shows. She has been shooting in her local scene for around two years.

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