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Peyton Kuzel

Writer and Photographer

Peyton Kuzel (he/him) is a photographer and multimedia creator from Binghamton, New York. He is currently, pursuing a degree in Media Studies at the University at Buffalo. He focuses mainly on live music photography and video creation.

Jade Pike

Jade Pike (she/her) is a photographer, primarily based in Central Florida. She has always had a passion for music and art, and focuses her work on live music and portraiture. Aside from going to concerts and hosting photoshoots, she loves spending time in the city, strolling through record shops, and listening to her favorite albums on vinyl. She owns the publication Backward Noise, which you can check out here.

Yani Blackburn

Yani Blackburn (she/her) is writer based in Dallas, TX! She studied journalism at SMU and worked on the °1824 marketing team at Universal Music Group. She loves going to concerts, walking her dogs, browsing record stores, and bingeing sitcoms on Netflix!

Maddisen V.

Native of Wisconsin and a graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in Communications, I (she/her) made my way to San Diego to pursue my passion for music and media. I am currently a media producer for local musicians, as well as the digital marketing manager for a wedding band. Soon after moving, I started my own media business, and now specialize in all media types including photography, videography, social media management, and journalism.

Rachael Sanders

Rachael Sanders is an eclectic music journalist with a range of interests from funk to punk. Follow Rachael’s stories for more news on DFW’s funk and soul, and keep tabs on SoCal’s punk revival.

Hannah Michelson

Hannah Michelson (she/her) is a 20 year old writer, singer, and multimedia artist from North New Jersey. She is currently studying Theatre and Media & Communications at Muhlenberg College. Hannah has an eagerness to learn about a multitude of aspects in the music industry and aspires to work with artists in entertainment journalism and the music business in the future. Outside of music Hannah enjoys watching films, chilling with friends, going to live shows, and traveling.

Melanie Mae Bryan

Melanie Mae Bryan (she/her) is a photographer based out of North Carolina that specializes in live music and portraiture. She loves nothing more than photographing artists in their element and attempting to capture pure, raw emotion. She has been working on her photography career for the past 7 years, though she’s had a lifelong love of photography. Her other passions include her cat, listening to music, a variety of crafts, and anything cat/turtle-related.

Dan Calderone


My name is Dan Calderone (he/him) and I’m from Binghamton, NY. I began my music career in high school when I joined Coasting on Potential on bass guitar. After a few years, I moved to SUNY Fredonia to study Music Industry. I ran one of New York’s most established house venues, NPSC in Fredonia, and work as a Production Manager/Booking Assistant for Last Call Entertainment. You can also see me playing lead guitar for the alternative rock band, Eerie Shores.

Shana Davidson


Shana Davidson (she/her) is a writer and inspiring YouTuber/Podcaster in the Philadelphia area. She has been writing for over a decade for many different publications including absolutepunk. She currently works in finance for VIP Touring and Festivals. Even though her day job is very numbers based it never stopped her passion for discovering new music and speaking with the people behind that music.

Bri McDonald


Bri (they/them) is a writer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. They grew up around music and were always encouraged to express themselves, which led to a love of all things creative. They hope to become a nomadic freelance creator, traveling the country (and the world!) to work with brands, musical acts, and other visual artists. Their other interests include growing houseplants, playing video games, and exploring new places.

Bri Rodriguez

Writer and Photographer

Bri (she/her) is a writer and photographer based in Tallahassee, Florida. She is currently finishing her studies in Commercial Photography Technology and working towards her bachelors in English Literature. Bri’s aspirations include gaining knowledge of multiple aspects of the music industry, forging her own career path as a content creator, and achieving her lifelong goal of becoming a published author. Her other passions include coffee, reading, and watching films (horror movies are her favorite!).

Kel McCormick

Writer and Photographer

Kel (she/her) is a photographer and writer based in Boston, MA. Since she was young, Kel could always be found with a camera in her hands and as she grew, it made sense to combine that with her love for music. As she began to take music photography more seriously, doors opened to working with bands exclusively and hopping on short runs. As a Music Journalism graduate, and a Graphic Design student, Kel can’t imagine doing anything that isn’t creative and hopes to keep combining her love for those things and music for years to come.

Sean Mulligan


Sean Mulligan (he/him) is a writer and musician originally from Philadelphia. He is currently finishing his MBA at Loyola University New Orleans and performs throughout the city with his band, Sean Hobbes & The Hi Res. His ultimate goal is to be able to tour with his band and continue to write about art, music, television, and film. Some of his other interests include gardening, comic books, and grilling.

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