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Photographer Hannah Dimmitt: March 2022 Creator Of The Month

If you have never heard of portrait photographer Hannah Dimmitt, then you are without a doubt missing out on an incredible and talented artist. Located in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area, she has a solid portfolio of fantastic nostalgic, vintage, and dreamy work that you will fall in love with instantly – I know I did! She easily captures the perfect shots and edits them in a way to create an aesthetically pleasing masterpiece throughout her portraits, dreamscapes, and product photography.

Being completely self-taught, Hannah is an inspiration to those out there who believe they can’t do something they are passionate about if they can’t pay a lot of money to study it. You just have to look at her work and her talent to realize that anything is possible if you have passion and drive, you can just teach yourself!

Hannah Dimmitt is one of the most interesting and talented photographers out there today and that’s why we are super excited to have her as our March 2022 Creator Of The Month here at For The Punks. Make sure you check out the interview I had with her below!

Could you tell us how you got started in the world of photography? What sparked your interest in it and how did you start finding people to work with?

I got started in the world of photography at a very young age! I had a little pink point and shoot camera that I loved- I would play with all the settings and photograph anything and everything. That love never stopped- in high school I would dress up my friends and go around the neighborhood and explore parks and take their photos. When I really started taking it seriously, I would find models in the community to work with via Instagram. When you use social media as a tool- it’s a very, very, useful tool.

When you started out, did you know what you wanted to capture within your images or did you just go with the flow?

I’ve always gone with the flow. I would’ve never imagined I am where I am today- it’s insane. I’ve just been following my heart.

What does your creative process look like?

So chaotic! I’m like, a very nice balance of organized chaos. I need structure and to plan out things, but sometimes things are best when they’re spontaneous. When it comes to my creative process- I consider it much like puzzle pieces. I just collect little puzzle pieces in my head until they need to fit together. I’ll remember models, faces, locations, props, clothing, etc and if it happens to fit a certain “puzzle” (photoshoot) I’m working on, it magically pops in my brain like “Oh!! Remember that ONE location you drove by 2 years ago? That would be PERFECT for this!”

As far as editing, I edit based on feeling and what colors “feel” right for the vibe I’m going for. Sometimes I’ll edit the same photo 3+ different ways and come back to it in a few days to see what speaks to me more. Even though photography is very technical, I feel like within finding your own creative process you should break the rules and make it your own.

Do you prefer the practical side of photography or the editing side?

Definitely both! It’s all a part of the process, and the best thing to do is to fall in love with that process. I believe the energy you put into a photoshoot is presented within the final photo- so you have to love every bit of it.

How did the dreamscape/ vintage aesthetic come about? Did you have something specific inspire you?

Looking back at my old work is funny, because it’s always been present and I never knew it would grow into what it is now. I remember dressing up a friend in high school in 50’s attire, paired with a bandana and red lips. We went through the neighborhood and found someone with a retro truck, which we used as the location. Seven or so years later, and I still like to play dress-up with models and find locations to match.

I think I’m heavily inspired by creating characters, by nostalgia, and by memories. Oftentimes people tell me my work actually makes them feel nostalgic, and reminds them of memories that don’t actually exist. Dreams, memories that aren’t theirs. It’s so beautiful. I don’t think it’s something I do intentionally, I just let it happen.

What are some of your artistic inspirations/influences at the moment?

I’m very inspired by the The 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and early 00’s. I know that’s broad, but I don’t like to put myself in a box or confined to a specific decade aesthetic. I love old magazines, retro fashion photography from past decades, and harsh flash photography captured “in the moment.”

Is there someone you would absolutely love to work with one day?

Honestly, not particularly! I know that if it’s meant to happen, it will.

Can you describe what being a full time photographer means to you and how you got to that point?

Being a full time photographer means my income is solely from photography! So crazy to think about! It’s been a very long journey to get here. Lot’s of jobs and years in between and hustling to achieve my dreams. I’ve done school portraits, daycare portraits, portrait studio portraits for a photography company- mainly families, babies, etc. I’ve driven for Uber, for Lyft. COVID is really what pushed me into full-time. All the daycares shut down and at that time I was traveling to schools to do portraits of lil kiddos. That’s the time I got into product photography- it can be done remotely! It’s been so beautiful to connect with so many companies and founders and shoot for brands I’m passionate about. This is definitely what I am meant to be doing.

All of your work is absolutely incredible, but is there something that you’re most proud of?

Absolutely the journey! I’m so proud of how far I’ve come.

Any advice for anyone who wants to get started in photography?

Experiment! Play! Surround yourself with people who inspire you. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Read books, magazines, go on walks, go on a road trip, photograph a friend, let the world inspire you. Play with lighting, learn what light is and how you can interact with it. Learn your camera settings, learn editing programs. Fall in love with the process!

Are you currently working on any new projects at the moment and what are your goals for 2022?

I am absolutely itching to open my own studio. That’s the goal! It may not happen this year, but it will eventually. I want a space to create, build sets, invite people over to create, to share with the community, rent out for productions, host classes and events. That’s what I’m working towards!

Make sure to keep up to date with Hannah and check out her work!

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