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Pinkshift Releases “Rainwalk”: A Heavy and Ready For Fall Song

Fem-fronted Baltimore-based punk rock band Pinkshift is back with “Rainwalk,” a track with a darker sound that aims to pull listeners into a heavy fall mood.

Vocalist Ashrita Kumar, guitarist Paul Vallejo, drummer Myron Houngbedji, and bassist Erich Weinroth have created the perfect riot grrl, punk-rock, and post-hardcore sound that is the beauty and infectious sound of Pinkshift.

By sharing a common love for angsty rock music, the members embrace their diverse backgrounds to create an authentic and dynamic sound that truly sets them apart from the rest. For fans who like the sound of Mannequin Pussy, Destroy Boys, and early Paramore, Pinkshift is the band for you.

Photo by Leigh Ann Rodgers

The viral success of their track “i’m gonna tell my therapist on you” this past summer brought the band some well deserved love and shoutouts from not only hundreds of new fans but beloved bands like Meet Me @ The Altar, All Time Low, Anti-Flag, and more. Along with “i’m gonna tell my therapist on you,” Pinkshift has a powerful punk song called “On Thin Ice” and a demo titled “Mars”.

Pinkshift filmed the music video (aka home video) for “i’m gonna tell my therapist on you” during quarantine. Watch it here:

“Rainwalk” is about a tension that pulls and pushes us into confusion and anger that carries the raging angst of the bands’ previous singles forward with a heavier and powerful sound. Ashrita Kumar says, “The lyrics [to Rainwalk] are an ode to those awful instances when someone you know very well suddenly pretends like you don’t exist. Experiencing that could set anyone off, and writing these words helped me to pin down that feeling and let it go.”

“Rainwalk” is simply their best song yet, honestly. I love it. If you are looking for a dark, yet powerful and infectious track to add to your playlist, “Rainwalk” is the track to add. It shows the power and range of vocalist Ashrita Kumar and the talent and strength of band members Vallejo, Houngbedji, and Weinroth. Kumar sings, “‘Cause it’s storming out / And you’ve used your last excuse / And it’s pouring now / But you’re walking in my shoes…”

Even though they are a newer band, Pinkshift is proving that they are here to stay. They are truly one of my favorite discoveries of 2020. If you haven’t added Pinkshift to your playlist, do it today. It’s worth it.

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