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Pop Musician Makena Releases New Single Called “Wish I Was Her”

24 year old Los Angeles based pop artist Makena released her newest single “Wish I Was Her” this past week. This track follows her 2020 release “Time of My Life” and 2019 releases “Roses,” “Fuqboi Worktape,” and “Let You Go.”

As a person who has been following Makena since the release of her first singles, there are signs of tremendous growth in her style and talent. Her songs are always filled with honest and relatable lyrics, infectious hooks, and a fusion of various genres that takes listeners through a roller coaster of emotions that go along with navigating life in the 21st century.

If you have a second, be sure to check out my July 2020 review of her single “Time of My Life” by clicking here! It’s a personal pop song that discusses the struggle of making it in the music industry as well as her experience with anxiety and depression.

“Wish I Was Her” gets real about dating and jealousy. Seriously. Along with her past singles, it is a perfect example of Makena inspired by telling her stories of navigating the 21st century. It’s about a boy she caught feelings for but he liked someone else. She sings, “I thought you’d always want / Me to be there / But now she’s all you want … And I’m still here.”

Instead of shying away from her honest feelings, Makena gets real about her jealousy, wondering why she wasn’t the one he wanted. She questions in the song, “Baby why you choosing her / When can I be enough?”

“Wish I Was Her” is a must listen track. I know I instantly added this track to my “2021 Favorites” playlist. It’s a great song for fans of musicians like Taylor Swift, Fletcher, and Olivia O’Brien and especially for pop fans who may be struggling with relationships.

Connect with Makena on social media and be sure to stream “Wish I Was Her” today!

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