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Poptropicaslutz: A Homecoming to Remember, and a Glimpse into the Future 

On August 18, New York City witnessed the triumphant conclusion of Poptropicaslutz‘s first major headline tour, ‘Truth is in the Glitter,’ and what a homecoming it was! The pop duo, comprised of members Nick Crawford and Christian Cicilia, known for their unique blend of hyper pop, electronic pop, and alternative music, left their mark on the city that birthed their musical journey.

Taking the stage at the iconic Bowery Ballroom, Poptropicaslutz treated their hometown crowd to a night of musical magic that won’t soon be forgotten. From the moment the lights dimmed and the opening chords rang out, the atmosphere was electric with anticipation.

Amid the electrifying performance, the duo talked about their highly-anticipated second album, Face for the Radio, set to be released on October 13, and they couldn’t contain their excitement. They described it as their best work yet, creating an atmosphere of heightened anticipation within the room.

Poptropicaslutz had a jam packed setlist, which not only featured tracks from their debut album, but also included older fan favorite tracks such as “I Miss 2007” and the electrifying “Hollywood High 16,” alongside “What Would You Do To Get A Headline,” the lead single off the upcoming album. This track gives fans a taste of their evolving sound, hinting at the direction their music will take on Face for the Radio.

Throughout the performance, the duo’s genuine love for their hometown, New York City, and their genre-blurring music was evident. Nick and Christian expressed their gratitude for the city that had nurtured their artistry and allowed them to explore the boundaries of alternative music. The audience responded with roaring applause, celebrating the unique fusion of genres.

As the final notes of their encore reverberated through the Bowery Ballroom, it was clear that Poptropicaslutz had not only wrapped up their ‘Truth is in the Glitter’ tour but had also solidified their place in the hearts of their New York City fans. This homecoming show was a testament to the duo’s talent, dedication, and the unwavering support of their local community.

Poptropicaslutz’s first major headline tour ending in their New York City hometown was a night of pure musical magic. It was a celebration of the vibrant music scene in the city and the incredible talent it continues to produce. As the crowd spilled out into the Manhattan night, it was with a sense of gratitude for having witnessed such a memorable and heartfelt performance by a pop duo on the brink of something truly special. With Face for The Radio on the horizon and the lead single already capturing hearts, Poptropicaslutz’s future is as bright as the glittering lights of the city that inspired their journey.

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