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PUBLIC’s Journey to Stardom and Their Upcoming Single “Little Drama Queen”

PUBLIC is a band composed of Matt, John, and Ben who are all based in Cincinnati, Ohio. This pop-rock trio formed while in high school, and have gained over 4 billion global streams with their hit song “Make You Mine”. They have some incredible new releases like their recent single “Missing You Today”, and some upcoming projects that you won’t want to miss.

PUBLIC started out playing songs out of Ben’s basement, where John would sneak off and create melodies Ben and Matt would work on compositions. Over time, their musical process has shifted to working in the studio or even collaborating on Zoom during the pandemic. John says that “what they write is very reflective of what we’re listening to”, which helps bring so many unique elements and styles of music to creating a PUBLIC song.

In addition to the change in their musical process, the rise of TikTok in the music industry led to a new social media strategy after their song “Make You Mine” went viral. With over 407,000 TikTok followers, the band is now expanding their fanbase through fun behind-the-scenes and musical content. PUBLIC explains that they even draw musical inspiration from watching TikTok videos. They’ve discovered a variety of artists on TikTok including Sueco The Child, Lil Nas X, Bo Burnham, and have even drawn inspiration from a claymation creator. The influence of TikTok is integral to their growth as a band, but their main priorities are great songwriting and making great music.

One of their most recent releases, “Missing You Today”, is instantly catchy and touching given the recent isolation caused by the pandemic. The music video features sweet moments between John and his girlfriend, Vanessa Merrell, and explores the beauty of relationships during times of isolation. Between long distance relationships and missing loved ones while on tour, the song explores the “emotional and physical longing to be with that person” when you just can’t have it. The song was actually written before quarantine, but as everyone got separated due to the pandemic the song became super real to the band. The vulnerability and raw emotions in the song provide a strong sense of relatability for those of us missing loved ones, backed by a classic chord progression and electric melody.

PUBLIC’s next single, “Little Drama Queen”, pays homage to the 80s in a groovy dance track. While exploring a darker subject matter, the track features a vibrant bass line and channels the disco pop genre with a melodic chorus and lots of synths. The band mentioned that they went into the studio trying to create a pop rock song, but ended up creating the disco pop anthem that is “Little Drama Queen”. I deeply admire their eagerness to explore new styles of music, and love their commitment to making music that always still sounds like PUBLIC.

PUBLIC’s bright energy, genre defying music, and entertaining social content make them a band you definitely want to keep up with. Their upcoming single “Little Drama Queen” is a must listen, and the bridge alone is enough to get you dancing around forever.

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