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Pummel Giving Us The Beat Down With “Headcase”

Young Boston natives Pummel released a new beat down track “Headcase” on June 17 guaranteed to get you moving. The band self-released the EP Next in Line last year, and this is their first release since then. They have mentioned that it is of vital importance to them to carry a torch for all of hardcore; the groovy, the metallic, and everything in between. I believe they have achieved this in their new single “Headcase.”

Pummel by Matt Darcy

The song starts with a metal-esk riff to get you moving. Guitarists Steven Mobilia and John Wright definitely paid attention to their rock music idols. Changhwan Kim’s bass line comes in at a consistent tempo that adds some bones to the track. Then, drummer Nicholas Birtles hits those cymbals to ensure they have your attention, and vocalist Matthew McCarthy lets out a classic hardcore call for people to lose their minds. The shout, in-your-face lyrics, which start with the line “What they say / is not the only way”, ignites that primal attitude lacking in most mainstream artists these days, and instantly pulls you in.

This is also the band’s first release on Sunday Drive Records, but it’s clear they aren’t missing a beat with this track. They are scheduled to release an LP in 2023, and we will be patiently waiting for its arrival.

Pummel will be performing at Act Like You Know Festival this November, learn more about the festival here.

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