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Queer Pop-rock Artist Tornsey Debuts Celebratory, 80’s Inspired Single “I Feel Fine”

What better way to celebrate this month of pride; being loud and proud about one’s self identity, than by listening to Tornsey’s debut single “I Feel Fine,” released on June 17. This lively number will have you on your feet, disco dancing to the beat.

“I Feel Fine” kicks off this summer with high vibrations and ‘ace of cup’ energy. For those who don’t know, ‘Ace of Cups’ is a minor arcana card used in Tarot readings by the clairvoyant, helping others to seek guidance. Just like her song, this card signifies exploring identity and boldly embracing authenticity. Tornsey, Nashville based singer-songwriter, shares that process with beats of celebration, freedom, radical honesty, provoking metaphors and unabashed emotion.

After touring for two years and releasing music under “Tess”, the artist shares her transformation manifesting into her new stage name “Tornsey”; a moniker she knows better suits her true self. Tornsey valiantly shares a quote from her website, “From coming out as queer, leaving religion and finding it in my own right, to discovering joy, hope and freedom all over again in unpredictable places, beginning again feels so right and full of openness and love. I think embracing who you are is the most divine path anyone can take, and I hope to keep walking it, bringing as many people as I can.” We absolutely love the sound of that and can’t wait to attest to her musical gospel.

A first listen on this track had me checking which year I’m in as if I was accidentally (or purposely) transported back in time. Nostalgic to say the least, it reminds me of a soundtrack from the famous 80s movie Back to the Future as if I was on a date with my crush at a retro futurism themed drive-in experience or trying 360 jump spins in my roller skates to help pass time in detention with the pals from the movie The Breakfast Club.

A fusion of piano centric rock ‘n’ roll, theater songwriting styles and 80’s synth pop, the sound of Tornsey alludes to fearless pop-rock icons such as Fiona Apple, Queen, MUNA, and Sara Barelilles.

“I threw away a Polaroid today / Got new tattoos, it’s not that I don’t miss you / it’s just that I don’t know what else to do.” Tornsey’s chorus snaps us back to reality by bringing elements of individualism and creativity in her relatable lyricism. With the world transitioning into a new trajectory (the age of Aquarius- a time of shifting towards a greater awareness of collective consciousness) we as Gen Z embrace realism and self love.

Her message helps those to find the courage to say it’s going to be “okay,” even if you don’t know what to do next.

Listen to the official audio for “I Feel Fine” above.

Tornsey is a fantastic artist who understands how to relate and grab the attention and emotional heartstrings of her diverse audience. The single’s 80’s synth lead lines, lush vocals and driving dance beat give a potentially depressing topic a humorous spin. The release will be accompanied by a music video and will be followed by more consecutive tracks throughout 2022. We are excited to see all her creative visions come to life and flourish within her realm.

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