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Rainbow Kitten Surprise Sells Out Texas Date Before Cancellation Of Summer Tour

Rainbow Kitten Surprise (RKS) came out full swinging on their first tour back since the hit of the pandemic, many would agree that this was the best Rainbow Kitten Surprise tour to date. They really brought their A – game with this one, from lighting production to giving it their all on stage, RKS packed an enjoyable show for their fans. Unfortunately, as incredible as this tour has proven to be, the dates were cut six stops short. Shortly after their back to back nights at Red Rocks, the band announced on Instagra m that the band had decided to cut things short to allow their lead singer to shift her focus on her mental health.

The first part of this leg of the tour was supported by Briston Maroney. Briston is an indie singer songwriter from Knoxville. Briston’s b ig break came with his time on American Idol. In 2013 Briston placed in the top 30 contestants for that year’s season and following his time on American Idol, he independently released two EP’s by 2015. Soon after, Briston signed with Atlantic Records. Bri ston’s support on this tour was no mistake or fluke, so many of RKS’s fans knew every single one of his songs. I often find that support on a tour doesn’t always connect with the crowd but for Briston that was not the case at all. If you have not yet heard of Briston, it’s never too late to jump on the fanwagon. For someone who has not yet had the opportunity to explore Briston Maroney’s music, I’d suggest you start with “June” (my personal favorite), “Caroline” and “Freakin’ Out On the Interstate.

Earlier this March, Rainbow Kitten Surprise took to Instagram to reintroduce themselves as a band. RKS has always been very vocal about their support of the LGBTQ+ community and their love for everyone, this March the time to make an announcement. This announcement shared that Ela Melo, lead singer, is trans and uses she/her pronouns. Charlie Holt, their bass player, identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. The announcement came with an immense amount of love in support in their comment section. It’s no surprise that RKS’s fanbase was accepting of this announcement, Rainbow Kitten Surprise has been building up and incredible and loving fanbase for years.

At their New Braunsfels tour stop on July 9, Charlie made sure to tell their fans “all the love you give us at this show, give it to everyone.” Rainbow Kitten Surprise is a gem of a band, they make great music, they know how to put on a spectacular show, but most importantly they’ve cultivated an accepting and loving environment for fans to be themselves. Although the remainder of this tour was cut short, they currently have plans for a world tour later this fall with many United States stops.

Briston Maroney

Rainbow Kitten Surprise

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