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Rebecca, Photographer and Writer: Women’s History Month

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”

— Annie Leibovitz

The female imagination is a sacred space for healing, compassion and self-discovery. Photographers use their power of perspective to illustrate emotion, character, and in the following case, the art of live performance. 

Nineteen year old Rebecca Mae and her camera are based in central Pennsylvania. She demonstrates her love for both music and visual storytelling by capturing the energy at live shows around the area, and beyond. Rebecca also shoots and writes for The Pop Break, All Or Nothing Magazine, At Capacity Zine, and Poptized Magazine. Her resume extends to include freelance portraits for local clients. 

Color was Rebecca’s first love. Although she didn’t believe herself to be the best artist in school, she was naturally drawn to how other artists express themselves. Once her relationship with music began to evolve and collide with her visual interests, she became overwhelmingly inspired by music videos, concerts, album covers, and artist posters. 

“One of the first music videos I remember watching over and over again was Carrie Underwood’s Cowboy Casanova when I was no older than age 10. That was also when I found out artists lip sync in their music videos. My sister ruined my entire life by telling me that.”

Her biggest goals at the moment involve touring with an artist, shooting for music festivals, hosting a gallery, and shooting for a record label in the future. 

What are some fears you conquer each day as a female? 

“Generally, I struggle with feeling secure in who I am. Sometimes I feel there is no place for me (which I know is not true.)”

Do you believe women are properly represented in this industry? Why or why not?

“Women are most definitely NOT properly represented! I’ve only been shooting for a year and a half, but have already had several experiences that made me feel as though I didn’t belong. I am learning to take every chance I get to advocate for myself and my work, but it has been a long time coming.

I believe women like Ashley Osborn, Beth Saravo, Muriel Margaret, and Jordan Kelsey Knight, plus many MANY more are truly paving the way for younger female photographers to join in. I have enjoyed watching their journeys!”

What advice would you give a woman that’s new to the industry and just getting started? 

“TAKE UP SPACE. You deserve to be right alongside your male counterparts, and do not be afraid to claim that. Although it’s intimidating, do not allow someone else to take away a chance that YOU’VE worked hard to create for yourself.”

Bad days are inevitable, but turning off all social media is Rebecca’s first step. There is always an underlying feeling of inferiority when scrolling through Instagram. However, she chooses to focus on her art and only internalizes other creative portfolios as inspiration vs. a game of comparison.

What do you want your art to say to the world? 

“I want to create beauty that connects people, touches people, and makes me proud. The goal for my art is to make viewers feel more connected to their friends, fellow fans, and favorite artists.”

How has your art helped you evolve? 

“I’ve gained a true sense of purpose. I have learned to be more aware and considerate of others around me, and apply this to each new environment I take on. I’ve become much more comfortable with myself and my work. I now realize I have power over the outcome of whatever project I’m working on. I consciously work hard to create art that I love. It’s been nothing but rewarding thus far.”

If you wrote a thank you letter to yourself, what three things would be on that list? 

“Dear Rebecca,

Thank you for not letting fear hold you back from diving into something new, for allowing yourself to explore your passions, and for working so hard to get where you are today.

Love, Rebecca.”

What projects can we expect from you in the future? 

“I have a couple of really exciting projects I am shooting, as well as a new project with two friends who are also photographers. Stay tuned!”

Connect with Rebecca on Instagram and through her website!

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