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Reid Henry Debuts Hard Rock Single “Monster”

Reid Henry is a singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada who is best known for being the guitarist in rock band My Darkest Days and his vocals with Deadset Society. Now he is breaking out onto the music scene with “Monster,” his debut single as a solo artist. Since its release on June 16, 2020, it has reached over 63k views on YouTube.

The track starts off quiet with just vocals and then builds into a heavy instrumental riff that has strong Bring Me The Horizon vibes. “Monster” then goes into a verse where the vocals take over and the instrumentals are softer. These softer instrumentals make Reid’s vocals and lyrics stand out. Reid’s vocals are haunting and they go well with the hard hitting drum beats and the guitars.

When the song starts to build up again and the chorus kicks in, the melody first sounds similar to the one in Simple Plans song “Welcome To My Life.” You will soon find yourself singing along because of the catchy lyrics “I feel fake, I feel numb, I hate the monster I’ve become” mixed with heavy instrumentals.

Fans of Three Days Grace, Tool, Korn, and Bring Me the Horizon, will take a liking to this track as it is a great mixture of hard rock with some nu metal. Reid has not only been influenced by some artists in this genre, but he has been able to add his own style to it and that is what makes “Monster” stand out more than the rest.

Overall, this track is a perfect way to break onto the music scene as a solo artist, from the heavy guitars, the hard drums and the standout lyrics, “Monster” has a great sound. It proves that Reid has a strong ability to create good music and will definitely go far in the future with his talents and solo career.

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