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Sanguisugabogg, Jesus Piece, Gag, PeelingFlesh Play Sold Out Portland Show

Gag, PeelingFlesh, Sanguisugabogg, and Jesus Piece played a sold out show in Portland, Oregon on April 27 at the Roseland Theater. The audience brought the energy from the very beginning, jumping on stage and diving into the crowd.

Gag is an insanely good band from Seattle. Towards the end of their set, the lead vocalist jumped into the crowd and was able to be carried throughout the whole venue, then proceeded to get back up on stage and started a little dance party with disco music. He had people go up on stage and start dancing, then jumping back into the audience.

Next up was Sanguisugabogg, an American death metal band. When they came out on stage, everyone went crazy. A huge pit opened up and moshing started to go wild, people of all ages were in there, hitting everyone in the general vicinity. The stage-diving only got more rampant, with people jumping right into the pit. They closed their set with their most popular song, “Dead as Shit” which was probably the most energy seen at the show overall.

Closing the nights show was Jesus Piece, who created an amazing atmosphere and got the people going. They had an extremely memorable stage presence and everyone loved their set. Overall, I loved this show and recommend that anyone who enjoys death metal and hardcore to go check out these bands, and if you have the opportunity to see any of them live, they’re a must-see!



Jesus Piece

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