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Save Face, Pool Kids, Origami Angel, and Mom Jeans Sold Out Show in Syracuse, NY

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to stop and see Mom Jeans in Syracuse on their recent tour. The lineup was absolutely perfect. Save Face, Pool Kids, and Origami Angel opened the show.

Save Face

First up was Save Face from New Jersey. They were super fun, a great modern pop punk band. So many people showed up early for them, justifiably so. I really appreciated their matching outfits, all of them clothed in the same red jumpsuit. Vocally, I heard a little bit of a Gerard Way influence, which is very unique for their style of music (but very cool). Save Face released a new album this year, Another Kill For The Highlight Reel, via Epitaph Records. Considering that they were the first band of the night, I was impressed that they not only had a huge crowd, but they also had fantastic interaction with them. Save Face is for fans of Sincere Engineer, Jetty Bones, and Just Friends.

Pool Kids

Next up we had Florida math-influenced emo band Pool Kids. Despite having a little more low-key of a vibe, this band fit the bill well and made it known. I was insanely impressed with their guitar work, I felt like it framed their music extremely well. Huge Tiny Moving Parts vibes, both of their guitarists were spectacular. The band themselves had a very wholesome stage presence, which was a pleasant surprise. I felt like Pool Kids were a very creative and fun addition to this bill. Pool Kids is for fans of Retirement Party, Jail Socks, and Oso Oso.

Origami Angel

Our last opener of the night was Origami Angel, but they did not disappoint. Armed with just a singer/guitarist and a drummer, the Washington D.C pop-punk and emo duo put on a lively performance. They felt very genuine to me, truly like they were enjoying themselves. I really love that, how they seemed just like two buds jamming, but still sounded extremely good and polished. Origami Angel dropped a massive 20-track album this year, Gami Gang via Counter Intuitive Records. They are for fans of Mascseal, Prince Daddy & the Hyena, and Worst Party Ever.

Mom Jeans

Closing the night, we had Mom Jeans take the stage. Immediately, the crowd made it obvious that they had been waiting for their set. Mom Jeans is an alternative rock and pop-punk band from Berkeley, CA. The energy filling the room was staggering. Everyone inside of The Westcott Theater; the band and the crowd were evidently enjoying themselves. They played a few new songs, “Crybaby” and “Circus Clown,” stating that they have a new album coming soon. Something that I noted, every single opener on this bill very graciously thanked Mom Jeans for bringing them on tour. Of course, that is a regular thing at shows, however I appreciated how genuine and authentic each act was as they said it. It was evident that they truly enjoyed the opportunity apart from it just being work for them, and I can say the same for myself. Mom Jeans is for fans of McCafferty, Microwave, and Graduating Life.

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