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Serena Sun Releases New Song “For the Hell of It”

It’s third times the charm for singer-songwriter Serena Sun as her newest track, “For the Hell of It” was released on October 7th, following two additional singles released earlier this year. Similar to its predecessors, “For the Hell of It” expresses the familiar mellow, synth-pop sound that Sun has established for herself, and tackles the subject of personal insecurities, reminiscence of the past and fear of the unknown.

In Sun’s recent release, a focus on self-doubts attached to being in a committed relationship is prominent. We catch a glimpse into Sun’s deepest emotions and romantic endeavors in a lighter tone than the lyrics reflect. Being taken advantage of is Sun’s major area of concern, with a desire for an authentic relationship rather than a temporary fix.

Sun’s inspiration for the single derives from the end of a long term relationship, leaving her in a state of doubt and despair.

“Even though it was for the best, the aftermath of the breakup was so rough that I’d rather keep things casual than experience that sort of heartbreak again.”

Watch the official lyric video to Serena’s song here:

Knowing even the most promising times could end in grief, Sun’s frustrations come forth while singing “Don’t love me for the hell of it…just to please your dad, to make her mad…” and release an endless pool of insecurities in potential relationships to come. Likewise, Sun questions what might have gone wrong, contemplating what the future might bring as she asks: “30 years down the line, will you wish you were never mine?”

Though it’s a message we’ve heard countlessly from recording artists, Sun’s delivery was executed to an ideal standpoint. The cheesy, sappy romantic archetype is overlooked in her lyrics, showing maturity in its entirety, while still allowing listeners to relate. Her pure honesty as an artist is something to admire as she shares her life experience with the greater public. Sun continues to serve as an exceptional voice for the brokenhearted and healing as each continues to pave their way through a hurting period.

Sun plans to continue releasing singles, leading up to an EP release in 2022. For more music updates, follow Serena Sun on social media.

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