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Set Into Motion “Something Exciting” EP Review

Set Into Motion possesses a bold “plug-in, play, and go have fun” approach to their music. The pop-punk trio is composed of Hunter Rich (vocals/guitar), Jesse Hickman (vocals/guitar), and Jake Vanko (drums). The New Jersey rockers have unveiled the release of their new EP Something Exciting — a seven-track composition that marks the band’s strongest material yet.

The most dominant quality that’s immediately discernible is the nostalgic pop punk energy their sound evokes: an unceasing, vivacious zeal bounces off the walls and seizes your attention with its resounding sense of urgency. The music instantaneously teleports you to the time period of the mid-2010’s Warped Tour; strongly reminiscent of that feeling of standing at the front stage, pressed harshly against the barricade and shoulder to shoulder with the other fans amongst the crowd.

The songs spin relatable and honest narratives about life, love, and relationships. Each track transitions seamlessly with fierce velocity. “In The Middle” sets the tone of the EP with its high energy. “Only a Sith Deals in Absolutes” describes a relationship that keeps traveling in circles — a once perfect union that has greatly suffered at the hand of other people and obstacles, resulting in a strained connection. “A Call Away'' melodically longs for a lost love to return. Throughout the rest of the EP, the themes explore seeking out a new direction (“Excited”) and relationship trouble (“Sick of Me”). “My Back Hurts” expresses the draining effects of vacant smiles and bearing all of the world’s weight on your back. “Self Destruction” is not only the closer, but the EP’s stand out track that concludes the body of work with an air of emotional vulnerability. Be sure to check out Set Into Motion’s latest efforts; you won’t regret your decision! This infectious pop punk compellingly delivers a fusion of an old-school mix with a new revitalizing interpretation of the genre.


1. In The Middle

2. Only A Sith Deals In Absolutes

3. A Call Away

4. Excited

5. Sick Of Me

6. My Back Hurts

7. Self Destructive

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