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Silent Planet Album Debut Show in Portland, OR

On January 23rd, Silent Planet announced that Portland would be their first stop on their SUPERBLOOM Tour, accompanied by three other amazing bands: Thornhill, Aviana, and Johnny Booth. All the way from New York, Johnny Booth brought the energy to start this tour off. With heavy bass lines, they got the crowd to start moshing and get the energy going. Hailing from Sweden was Aviana, with masked members and a sense of mystery on stage. There was only red lighting and heavy guitar which everyone loved. The official opener for the show was a band called Thornhill from Australia. They reminded me of Deftones musically, and had unparalleled energy on stage.

When Silent Planet arrived on stage, it was obvious the audience was ready. After some technical difficulties that often come with a first show on a tour, Silent Planet was back and better than ever. Garrett Russel (vocalist) briefly talked about how inspired he is by all of the bands touring with him, and how their music is so influential to his new album as well as his future songs. Hawthorne Theater as a venue is pretty intimate and got filled up quick for this lineup. The bar, balcony, and general admission were all full to the brim. The band utilized the whole stage as well as interacting with the front row. Overall, I’m so glad I was able to experience this set live and capture pictures from it.

Johnny Booth



Silent Planet

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