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Simpson’s New Single Is The Sweet Treat We Need Right Now

We last covered indie artist Simpson when she made waves this past summer with two singles “I Miss My Dawgs” and “Summer”. The indie-pop hit “Summer” reached 1 million streams on all platforms putting Simpson on everyone’s indie radar. She dedicated her song “I Miss My Dawgs” to Breonna Taylor and raised money from the pre-order of the track for Breonna’s GoFundMe. Now back with another smash single, “Cherry Ice Cream Sundae”, Simpson is giving us more tunes that promise to put us in a good mood even during dark times.

The D.C. native emerged in 2017 with her debut single “Switch Lanes”. She has toured with and opened for artists like Crumb, Celeste, Superorganism, and Shabazz Palaces. Simpson’s sound, inspired by everything from 90s alternative to jazz, serves a fresh perspective in the indie world that is incomparable to other artists. With neo-soul elements mixed with an alternative sound, for her new single, she took inspiration from poet Nikki Giovanni’s Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day. She recorded it originally as a freestyle track in her bedroom, Simpson brings meaning and shape to the song as an introspection on 2020.

Back with a new look, Simpson’s new single takes on jazz elements with saxophone in the intro and chorus played by David Winograd and neo-soul production elements. According to the artist, the song is about “who are we when we allow ourselves to be whole, unfiltered, messy and kind of like ice cream.” The track’s vocals are smooth kind of like a ‘cherry ice cream sundae’, a metaphor the artist uses reminding us to care for ourselves–as the artist herself puts it, little things like that “remind us that we are already whole, good, and deserve to treat ourselves with as much tenderness as we treat everyone else.”

The free-spirited flow of the song is as easy as treating ourselves to the small joys in life, like sharing an ice cream sundae with a friend. Bringing a colorful groove to this bleak time is what we all need right now. Simpson comes in the chorus with “I smile because I can” and “like eating a cherry ice cream sundae when it’s raining.” “Cherry Ice Cream Sundae” is a bop that will put a smile on your face and make you hungry for a scoop or two.

Listen to “Cherry Ice Cream Sundae” here.

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