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Single Review: “Heavy Hearted” by I Dreamt the Sea

Melodic and emotional hardcore band, I Dreamt the Sea, recently released their newest single “Heavy Hearted.”

Based out of Long Island, New York, I Dreamt the Sea has spent the last few years building their brand, style, and most importantly, themselves. They have released two EPs, a full length album, a split, and numerous singles and have been on a handful of short tours. They have had the opportunity to open for many incredible artists in the industry as well including, but not limited to, Movements, Gideon, Kublai Khan, Hotel Books, Until We Are Ghosts, and Anchorlines.

Their newest single, “Heavy Hearted,” is being well-received in the hardcore genre. With comments from fans saying, “This is very well done! What the heck, why are you keeping this a secret?” fans are not hesitant to put I Dreamt the Sea on their “Top Hardcore Bands of 2020” playlists.

The music video is artistic and incredibly fun to watch. The time and effort that was put into building this band and song is instantly seen and heard. With a strong, full rhythm section, and classic aggression based sound, they knock it out of the park with this “Heavy Hearted.” Personally, the breakdowns are always my favorite, and they include an intense and powerful section with lyrics describing the pain of missing someone and taking a person for granted. The relatable message only makes you fall in love with them more. Overall, the song was a 10/10 for me.

With the creativity of the music video that encompasses the passionate essence of the band, the lyrics that hit close to home, and the intense, clean, and bold instrumentation throughout the track, it is a fantastic song. I would love to seeI Dreamt the Sea blow up in the hardcore scene.

Watch the video for “Heavy Hearted” here:

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