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Skating Polly Return Home To Oklahoma For A Show At The Mercury Lounge

Oklahoma-bred band Skating Polly brought their U.S. tour to their home state for a show in Tulsa at the Mercury Lounge on May 18. Self-described dollar store trash-glam-punk band Lord Friday the 13th kicked off the show as the tour’s support band.

Skating Polly’s U.S. tour comes ahead of the release of their newest album Chaos County Line, a double record, out June 23 via El Camino Media. In fact, the trio recently released the music video for their newest single, “I’m Sorry For Always Apologizing.”

You can watch the music video on YouTube here.

The evening at the Mercury Lounge kicked off with Lord Friday the 13th’s highly energetic performance. Lead singer Felix Lenz’s stage presence is exceedingly similar to Hedwig Robinson from John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask’s cult-classic film Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Addressing the crowd as “Oklahomies” and “Oklahomos,” the four-piece band quickly won over the audience with their set, featuring songs like “St. Judy,” a tribute to Judy Garland which the group introduced by saying, “We’re not in Kansas, but we’re close,” and even a Patti Smith cover.

Finally, it was time for Skating Polly to take the stage. What followed was an exceedingly versatile performance that seamlessly blended punk, grunge, riot grrrl, and even indie-pop. Lead vocalist Kelli Mayo immediately won over the crowd, stomping her cherry red boots in time to the music in between kicking them in the air. Mayo and her sister Peyton Bighorse’s voices intertwined to create beautifully intoxicating harmonies that are perhaps most prevalent in “I’m Sorry For Always Apologizing.”

Towards the end of their set, the band played a game of musical chairs—quite literally—as they alternated instruments back and forth. A high moment of the concert occurred when Kurtis Mayo, who is primarily the drummer, stepped out from behind the kit and took over guitar for his sister. The trio’s final song “They’re Cheap (I’m Free)” saw Mayo take one of his drumsticks and drag it across the neck of the guitar—a perfect note to end such an eclectic show on.

Skating Polly is a force to be reckoned with, proving themselves to be one of the most dangerous bands today.

The band’s remaining tour dates can be found on their website, along with a link to their Patreon.

Chaos County Line can be pre-ordered on Skating Polly’s Bandcamp here.

Lord Friday the 13th

Skating Polly

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