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Stay At Home With For The Punks

As musicians, creators, and artists, we hold such a rare opportunity in our hands during this epidemic. People are turning to the arts to gain positivity in their life in a time when many are struggling, and there are so many ways that our community can help contribute to sharing entertainment and art.

Quarantine may be going on for a bit longer, so here are a few highlights of some things I’ve seen happening on social media to keep you occupied. Kudos to all who are not listed, but who are doing their part in staying home and providing entertainment and art from their own homes. I hope this energy continues long after the pandemic is over.

I hope this also poses as inspiration for the months ahead, to take these ideas and use them for your own music, art, or just to connect with people in general. I cannot say it enough, support, support, support, as much as you can.

This page will stay updated as new databases and information come in.


A TON of artists are doing these, some for free, some for donations, some for tips. Anyone from John Legend, to local artists, event companies, piano bars, and more are doing them. It is such an amazing way for to showcase music and companies on a personal level, and take time to educate and connect with fans and friends.

Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitch, Zoom, StageIt are becoming more and more popular. There is pretty much a live stream going almost all the time at this point!

I encourage you to stay updated on live streams through our social media and by downloading apps like BandsInTown. We don’t want you to miss out!

If you want a complete list of artists doing livestreams (updated daily), or you would like to submit your upcoming live stream, go here! This is an amazing databased created by Catherine Pollock and Dana Ramsey, just for you to be active and discover new people!

Here’s a few of my favorite livestreams:

If you are interested in learning about mental health, and related topics, Hope for the Day are doing “Sip of Hope Coffee Talk” live streams. They bring in special guests to talk about these important topics! Stay updated on their schedule by following their Instagram account here.

Piano bars have started going live. My favorite is LowKey Piano Bar in Tempe, AZ. They are a dueling piano bar that is live every Friday and Saturday night from 9pm to 11pm.

Crust Young’s “Legos with Crust” features Crust going live to build different lego sets. He adds people to the live stream to interact with him while he builds. Follow his Instagram to stay updated! He has sent money to help people who cannot afford to buy meals during the pandemic, as well.


Buy merchandise from bands and artists! Most have stores linked in their social media bios. This is one of the biggest and best ways to support our creators right now, if you can, of course.

Bands have merchandise, photographers are selling prints, and tattoo artists are selling flash sets. Paintings and drawings are being posted all over Twitter and Instagram as well. Some artists have created shops where they will be donating money to other organizations and people in need!

The Story So Far announced that from April 8th to April 15th, they will be donating meals based on what people have purchased through our their online store. A t-shirt, hat, or long sleeve is equal to one meal while a hoodie or jacket is equal to two meals. View the post on Instagram here and be sure to head over to their shop here.

Many musicians, photographers, and other creators are doing online lessons and training sessions! If you’re looking to learn or expand your knowledge, this is the perfect chance.


Donations to charities have also been a huge way that people are supporting each other during this unprecedented time. There are sites and organizations to donate to whether it be for supporting artists, musicians, local businesses, food banks, schools, and more.

One example is the Support + Feed initiative for COVID-19, where you can help support LA’s plant based restaurants, first-responders, hospitals, and more by ordering online from one of the participating restaurants. The Conscious Cleanup organization will pick up the order and deliver it to your desired place of donation.


Social Distancing Playlists seem to also be a huge hit, and are fun for anyone to make! This is an easy one for literally anyone to get involved, just add your favorite artists, and share! I personally have loved being introduced to so many new songs, artists, and even genres over the course of the last month.

Listen to For The Punks’ “Stay At Home” playlist here:


One of the best ways to stay entertained and get educated is podcasts! There’s a podcast for everyone.

I’ve never been a huge podcast person, but recently have been discovering so many music related podcasts! My favorite music related ones right now are The Cyber PR Music Podcast and Women in Music.


I’m also a HUGE book nerd, and have finally gotten the time to crack open my collection. Books, like podcasts, are another great way to be entertained and educated!

I collect musician memoirs and have read quite a few. I recommend reading, Scar Tissue by Anthony Keidis, The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx, and Can I Say by Travis Barker.

I’m also reading, All You Need to Know About the Music Business by Donald S. Passman. This is a great read if you are looking to get some more knowledge about the music industry.


Now, I know we’re all binging Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Amazon Prime. On top of our favorite sitcoms, romcoms, reality shows, and stand-up films, documentaries about our beloved musicians and festivals are another guilty pleasure of mine.

On Netflix, I recommend watching Amy, The Dirt, Gaga: Five Foot Two, Lil Peep: Everybody’s Everything, Searching for Sugar Man, Woodstock, and I’m With The Band: Nasty Cherry.

On Amazon Prime, I recommend watching Back and Forth, Hired Gun, and Cobain: Montage of Heck.

NoEcho is offering fans a chance to watch ‘New Breed Documentary 1989’ for free. It’s for fans of everything hardcore, metal, and everything in between. Watch it here.

The list doesn’t stop there! Streaming services are FILLED with documentaries on musicians and festivals. Happy searching!


If you’re looking to learn something new during your time at home, Fender is offering online guitar lessons for free for three months!

Just remember that in times like this it is art that brings us together. It is such an important time to share not only your own creations, but to support other artists and musicians by watching their live streams, listening to their playlists and albums, donating (if you can), or even just simply spreading the word. Social media is powerful, and we will get through this as a community if we step up and continue to support each other in all of these amazing ways.

Stay healthy, stay positive, we WILL get through this!

For more detailed information, head to our resource under the “Free Resources” tab.

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