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StrateJacket Is Taking the California Punk Music Scene By Storm With Their New Self-Titled EP

Northern California’s alt-rock and pop-punk scene has long been a hotbed of raw energy and electrifying talent. At the forefront of this vibrant musical landscape stands StrateJacket. Composed of Jackson Roemers, Fabian Angel, and Nate Mangold, this trio made in heaven is shaking up the scene with their debut self-titled EP.

Photo by Ashutosh Gupta/838 Media

The excitement surrounding StrateJacket reached a fever pitch with the release of their performance video for “Be My Drug,” the lead single from Stratejacket. This adrenaline-fueled anthem showcases the band’s signature blend of alt-rock grit and pop-punk energy, setting the stage for what promises to be an exhilarating musical journey.

The trio’s sound is characterized by skyscraper-high hooks and a raw, stripped-down aesthetic that harkens back to the glory days of punk and alternative rock. In what I can best describe as the perfect mix of Green Day, blink-182, and influences of Infinity on High era Fall Out Boy, StrateJacket is sure to satisfy those itching for a fresh take on a classic nostalgic pop-punk sound. In an era dominated by overproduced and repetitive music, StrateJacket is a breath of fresh air, delivering music that is just as authentic as it is infectious.

“We want to sound raw and stripped-down,” says lead vocalist and guitarist Jackson Roemers, “Our music is a response to the overproduced music that’s saturating the airwaves. We’re all about capturing that raw energy and delivering it straight to our listeners.”

The EP features a collection of hard-hitting tracks that showcase the band’s range and versatility. Let’s go track by track and review the five songs from this amazing trio.

Starting with the absolute classic that is “Bad Start.” From the first listen, I must have played this about 100 times on repeat before I went to the second song. It is the perfect album opener and a song that truly sets the stage for what is to come with the rest of the EP. This shout-at-the-heavens anthem can be played in a bar, on an intense run, or for a crowd of people throwing elbows in a pit. A perfect opener with a catchy chorus and infectious instrumentals from the rest of the band.

Second on the tracklist is the ultra-melodic “Be My Drug,” which has got to be my favorite on the album. With guitar filled melodies and high energy drum fills, “Be My Drug” takes a catchy and melodic take on the pop-punk genre with this semi-love song. With the fun chants of “Won’t! You! be my drug tonight,” this track is bound to be a crowd favorite. It is a song that is easy on the ears and should be on every rock/alternative radio station’s radar as the possible mainstream hit from the album. Each song is infused with dark humor and electric energy that is sure to resonate with fans of punk and alternative music, but this song in particular could be one that resonates with both rock fans as well as Top 40’s enjoyers.

But beyond the catchy hooks and driving rhythms lies a deeper emotional core with the next two songs. Drummer Nate Mangold wrote the moving lyrics for both “Living A Lie” and “Cut the Cord,” drawing from personal experiences to create songs that are both cathartic and relatable.

“Sometimes I can’t fully be myself around people and I put on a façade,” Mangold explains, “So it’s about letting that go and just saying, ‘F*ck it, just be yourself.’ It’s a message that I think a lot of people can relate to.”

The EP culminates with “Torch,” a mid tempo rock ballad that Roemers describes as “the black sheep of the EP.” While it may not have the fast and heavy pace of some of their other tracks, “Torch” is no less powerful, serving as a reminder of the band’s versatility and songwriting capabilities. “Torch” is my second favorite on the EP. It reminds me of a more upbeat version of “Are We The Waiting” by Green Day. The guitar solo in this song is also extremely enchanting, coming in right before the bridge. The lyric “Sometimes you gotta leave to come back home” hit me right in the feels personally and for those who enjoy more melodic soft rock ballads will be sure to enjoy this one as much as I did.

StrateJacket is set up to take the music world by storm. Armed with an arsenal of catchy hooks, infectious melodies, and a raw, stripped-down aesthetic, this trio is ready to leave their mark on the alt-rock scene and beyond. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for StrateJacket – they’re just getting started.

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