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Superlove Release New Self-Titled EP

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Superlove is ready to make waves with the release of their self-titled EP. Hailing from Bristol, United Kingdom, Superlove consists of members vocalist and bassist Jacob Rice, vocalist and guitarist Jon Worgan, and drummer Alex Matthews.

The three-piece band first formed back in 2018 and has since released tracks such as, “Greener Grass”, “Big Lies Boy,” and fan-favorite “Book A Holiday” which has received over 350k views since its release. Superlove is also known for playing with bands such as Stand Atlantic, Roam, and Dream State. The EP features five tracks blending pop and rock sensibilities and deep hitting lyrical content delivered with both charm and swagger.

“We’ve been so excited for the release of this EP for so long now. We finished recording the songs over a year ago so it honestly feels good to finally say it’s coming out,” says vocalist Jacob Rice.

The EP starts off with “I Love It,” a track that explodes into a heavy guitar riff and will grab your attention straight away. The mellow vocals over drum beats and a catchy riff – this track goes hard in some places and mellows in the other which makes it a great mixture and a perfect track to start the EP with. “Life is Great” is a very pop-orientated track that is mixed with heavy drums that make it sound unique in its own way. As a whole, the song is very captivating and has great vocals throughout. The third track on this phenomenal EP, “THINK ABT U,” starts off really heavy with hard-hitting drums and awesome guitar but mellows out in the versus which makes it half pop and half rock. I think that works flawlessly and is the reason I find this band so interesting and great.

Watch the official music video for “THINK ABT U” here:

Up next is “Bruce” which is a mellow tune filled with gorgeous dream pop chords and stunning vocals that blend together perfectly to create this catchy song. The last track takes the cake, “Untouchable” is an upbeat sounding pop-punk track that has well-written lyrics, great vocals, and a catchy chorus making it a definite highlight track and a perfect way to end the EP. Positive message behind a banging track as the lyrics in the chorus hit you with, “Cause sometimes this life will spit you out the wrong way, But get your feet on the ground, no wasting away, One day you’ll wish you would’ve made a change. Unstoppable, Untouchable.”

Vocalist Jacob Rice told Rock Sound, “We’re so proud of all of these songs and what they represent to us. We hope they can bring a lot of positivity into people’s lives and provide some form of escapism for the people who need it right now.”

Watch the official music video for “Untouchable” here:

What can I say about this band, they create amazing catchy tracks and use a unique blend of pop and rock throughout this EP, and its none other than perfect. Superlove seems to be so underrated and with that much talent, this band is going to blow up in the future as they showcase their skills as musicians and songwriters.

As soon as I heard the first track I was definitely hooked in and was not disappointed by the end. If you haven’t heard of this band, I highly recommend you check them out and you will not be disappointed either.

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