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Syd Performs Headline Show On May 29 At Brooklyn Steel

R&B American singer Syd, formerly known as Syd Tha Kyd, played her headline show in New York City on May 29 at Brooklyn Steel with special guest Destin Conrad as the opener. The show is in support of the recently released Broken Hearts Club album.

Syd is famously known for once being a part of ODD FUTURE until 2011 when she went on and founded her own group as the lead vocalist; The Internet. The group consisted of Syd, Tay Walker, Patrick Paige II, Matt Martians, and Christopher Smith with later additions Steve Lacy and Jameel Bruner.

On April 8, Syd released her second solo album Broken Hearts Club since her 2017 release of Fin. To listen to Syd’s, Broken Hearts Club click here.

Syd opened up the show strongly with her opening tracks from the new album. As if the crowd wasn’t loud enough, the LA artist starts singing one of The Internet’s hit tracks “Special Affairs”. Syd’s vocals and excitement showed with the crowd. She briefly stopped the show to pour some drinks for her and her band to celebrate the night, mentioning everyone should join her whether it’s alcohol or not.

Syd continued the night with a mix of her own music and The Internet. She interacted with the crowd throughout the entirety of the show whether it was grabbing fans’ phones to record herself or dancing with them. The night was full of Syd’s melodic voice and fans’ cheers.

The tour continues through June 9 where they will end at the Varsity in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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