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The Amity Affliction Performs In Portland, OR

The Amity Affliction concert in Portland, Oregon was an amazing experience that left the audience intrigued from start to finish. The band delivered a performance that was both emotionally charged and impressive to celebrate 10 years of their album Let The Ocean Take Me.

To kick off the show, Mugshot was the opening act, setting the vibe with their performance. The audience eagerly reciprocated, making the whole venue get excited. Following them was the impressive local band, Dying Wish, whom I was witnessing live for the first time, instantly securing a place as one of my top favorites. It was during Currents‘ set that the crowd truly came alive, singing along, jumping into mosh pits, and simply absorbed the music. When The Amity Affliction arrived on the stage, the ambiance had a dramatic shift: the lighting changed, the energy levels skyrocketed, creating a surreal and unforgettable experience that left a mark on everyone present.

Overall, The Amity Affliction concert in Portland was nothing short of spectacular, leaving fans eagerly awaiting their next live performance.


Dying Wish


The Amity Affliction

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