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The ‘BABY I’M BACK’ Tour With Lights And tiLLie Visits Columbus, OH On April 25

Lights’ ‘BABY I’M BACK’ tour hit Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio on April 25, 2022. tiLLie joined Lights for the tour and brought the energy to get everyone pumped up. tiLLie started her set off with “Peachie,” followed by “Hell Yeah!” and “Flip A Switch.” She also unveiled a new song called “The Me U Kno.”

Lights came out and put out some of the best energy I’ve seen from someone while wearing a boot. Lights informed us that she had broken her foot on a previous date, but she made sure to ducktape the boot to match her aesthetics. Lights set consisted of some oldies but goodies from her New Fears album, but also plenty of songs from her newest album, PEP. “Salt and Vinegar” being one song played off of the new release.

Keep an eye out for more tours with tiLLie or Lights in the future! Neither are artists that you want to miss!



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