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The Dirty Nil Surprise Fans With A New Single & Album Announcement

Last week, Toronto-based band The Dirty Nil surprised fans with the release of their newest single “Nicer Guy.” The song came out in tandem with the band’s announcement of their newest record Free Rein to Passions out via Dine Alone Records on May 26. Carlo Schievano (@fatgomez_) designed the striking album cover, teasing more designs for the band’s upcoming release.

Free Rein to Passions marks the band’s fourth studio release. Their last album Fuck Art came out in 2021. Since then, the band has kept relatively quiet, releasing a single in 2022 called “Bye Bye Big Bear.” So, it should be interesting to see if their newest album leans more toward the direction they were going with Fuck Art or perhaps something new entirely.

With that being said, one thing certainly remains the same, and that’s the band’s penchant for creating highly entertaining and fun music videos. “Nicer Guy” keeps up this tradition brilliantly. The scene opens on the trio, wearing “live” “laugh,” and “love” shirts. Unfortunately for the guys in the band, a string of seemingly targeted acts of bad luck plagues each member. From getting drenched by a spilt coffee to being pooped on by a bird and even knocked in the head with a soccer ball while eating a hot dog dripping with ketchup and mustard, The Dirty Nil depict how difficult it is to remain a nice person. The video ends with the band breaking the fourth wall and performing the rest of the song, only to be pelted with tomatoes and what looks to be cabbage.

Watch the music video below!

As for the music itself, it has all the makings of becoming this summer’s punk anthem. With tongue-in-cheek lyrics like “Can I get an amen?…Fuck you!” and “Jesus ain’t coming back,” the band is clearly making a statement with “Nicer Guy.” Interestingly enough, the song also sounds vaguely reminiscent of their Canadian contemporaries Pup, specifically their song “Waiting.”

If “Nicer Guy” is any indication of what Free Rein to Passions will sound like, then fans are certainly in for a treat.

The album can be pre-ordered on the band’s Bandcamp here.

Photo by @bystephm on Instagram
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