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The Driver Era & The Orphan The Poet Perform At Pier 17

Summer is in full swing and there’s no better way to spend your night than seeing The Driver Era. They hit the stage this past week at Pier 17 with New York’s Brooklyn Bridge in the background with The Orphan The Poet. Despite bad weather and a rain delay, fans had been lining up for hours and they quickly packed the entire rooftop.

The Orphan The Poet opened up the show and played a super energetic set. It’s been really great to see them grow over the years and they were a great addition to the lineup. Excitement was building as The Driver Era took to the stage. They played a perfect mixture of songs from their discography, including one that is unreleased and even a few older R5 deep cuts. They are a band that just keeps getting better and their fans had so much love to give in New York City. We are so glad we were able to capture this amazing show and we can’t wait for The Driver Era to come back to town!

The Orphan The Poet

The Driver Era

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