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The Evolution of Juliet Simms into Lilith Czar

Los Angeles-based rock singer Lilith Czar just released her debut album Created From Filth and Dust. Many people were shocked to see Juliet Simms, who has notable singles such as “Trouble Finds You” and “End of the World,” in a new rebranded image. For some context, Simms first started out as the singer of a band called Automatic Loveletter in 2005 before deciding to pursue her own projects. She has always been herself and used her rock and roll influences as part of her music, which is visible in her 2016 album From the Grave. The new edgy image, which feels like an extension of the already powerful singer, could be the result of her new place at Sumerian Records. The label seems to be fond of allowing its artists to step outside of the box and embrace unique storytelling. In an interview with Rock Sound, she explained that she invested more time in the arts during quarantine by writing poetry and drawing, which helped her to create the idea of Lilith Czar. Juliette eventually pitched the concept to her management team, and the rest is history.

Created From Filth Album Artwork

In the last music video that Juliet Simms posted, still under her own name called “All American,” the viewers saw her burning in a fire; we now know that was her way of closing an era of her music. In February of this year, Lillith Czar’s music video for the debut single “King” was released, which is where we got the first glimpse of the changes.

The shots are filled with esoteric symbolism that was never a part of her previous work, such as crystal balls, tarot cards, and a mysterious eye. In the same interview with Rock Sound, Lilith Czar discussed how every image across all of her social media platforms down to the tarot cards in the video have special meanings for us to uncover. Not only does this peak the interest of the fans, but also shines a light on how dedicated she is to her craft. Something that was hard to miss was that Juliet Simms didn’t just change her style, but also committed to this image by dying her iconic blonde hair black. By looking at the devotion to this new chapter of her career, it appears that Lilith Czar is here to stay for a long time.

The song itself is a new anthem for feminism, evident through the lyrics such as “if it’s a man’s world, I wanna be king.” It is always great to hear women standing up for themselves in our fight for equality, and using their platforms to inspire others. It’s not surprising that she chose the word Czar to represent herself; she is finally ready to take her seat in this male-dominated industry and isn’t going to take no for an answer. To me, this new rebranding feels like an alter ego that surprisingly allows Simms to openly express her deep, personal feelings that she couldn’t before for different reasons. It is clear that she is in her element now and isn’t afraid to show the world a side of herself that we haven’t seen yet.

Watch the music video for “King” here:

Regarding the album, from start to finish, it is nothing less than cohesive. When looking at the cover, the album name on Lillith’s bare body hints at the fact that she stripped down to her roots. The “Intro Poem” sets the mystical dark tone for the rest of the tracks and establishes the history of Lilith Czar. If you haven’t seen the music video for “King,” watch it above! It is a track and video that will give you a better understanding of the story that the album is trying to tell.

When hearing “Anarchy” for the first time, you are bound to get goosebumps across your body because the emotional lyrics speak to the times we are living in right now that are full of uncertainty. Many people will be able to connect with the themes of the lyrics including feeling like an outcast and fighting for your rights in an unjust society. Lilith Czar also made sure to include an homage to her influences by recording her own version of “Edge of Seventeen,” continuing the legacy of 80s rock for the younger generation to discover. “Burn With Me,” one of the more upbeat tracks, was a pleasant surprise when reaching the end of the album. It’s going to have the whole crowd dancing and jumping when shows inevitably come back.

Photo by Ashley Osborn

Overall through this new repertoire and image I’m positive that she is going to be one of the people leading the new era of women in rock. It will be exciting to watch how this evolution will continue to grow and evolve in the future.

Connect with Lilith Czar on social media and be sure to stream the new album Created From Filth And Dust today!

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