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No Cure For The Happy Fits In Harrisburg, PA

If asked to name the most “rock ‘n’ roll” instruments of all time, the cello would hardly be considered for the top of the list; The Happy Fits prove it should.

Following two sets by the eclectic indie-pop Hot Freaks and introspective Windser, The Happy Fits kicked off their performance with the upbeat “Do Your Worst” from their latest album, Under the Shade of Green. By their second song, “She Wants Me (To Be Loved),” it was apparent the band’s name perfectly encapsulated the energy they brought to the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center Tuesday night.

The room was immediately filled with pure enthusiasm and a contagious sense of joy that left everyone in the audience unable to resist the temptation to dance along. With both a modern sound and retro feel, the show had everyone aged 5 to 65 on their feet and bouncing to the music as frontman Calvin Langman shredded on the cello.

With great harmonies and skilled musicianship, The Happy Fits managed a tight, cohesive set while maintaining a fun-filled, carefree atmosphere that resulted in one of the most entertaining shows I’ve attended this year.

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