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The Million Masks Of God Tour With Manchester Orchestra Visits Buffalo, NY On March 13

On Sunday, March 13, Manchester Orchestra with Foxing and Michigander, visited Buffalo Riverworks in Buffalo, New York on the The Million Masks Of God Tour. Ever since this tour was announced in June of 2021, I had my calendar booked. I thought to myself, “there’s no way I’m missing this tour.”

The tour did not disappoint. In fact, it exceeded my expectations. It was my first time seeing all three bands perform. It was truly the perfect tour pairing, similar to my feelings of the Thrice tour in October 2021. I wish I could see this lineup on repeat.

The crowd was diverse too, it was a show for everyone. Buffalo Riverworks was filled with students, families and children, and couples of all ages. Throughout the night, I heard fans talk about how they were there for their second or third stop of the tour, while others, like myself, were there for their first time.

Manchester Orchestra by Karalyn Hope

Michigander, Jason Singer with his bandmates, performed first. And yes, that’s right, they are from Michigan.

It was their very first time performing in Buffalo but I know it will not be their last.

Jason joked on if Buffalo was the home for Buffalo Wild Wings. They also took the time to thank their tour-mates Manchester Orchestra and Foxing for taking them out on tour as the opening slot. Overall, Jason and his band members had a super fun personality that the crowd loved. I walked out of the photo pit happy and as a new fan.

After the tour ended, Jason shared on his Instagram, “This was the absolute best tour of my life and I feel very accomplished and proud of everyone who made these shows happen…”

If you are looking for a new musician to support and listen to today, I would 100% suggest Michicanger.

Second to perform was Foxing, American indie rock band from St. Louis, Missouri. In August 2021, they released the album Draw Down The Moon, which ended up on my top albums of 2021 list.

The first two songs on their setlist were songs from Draw Down The Moon, one being the introduction song “737.”

Foxing’s set was a great way to celebrate their album. Some tracks that they performed were much heavier than the recordings, making for a great interpretation of the album and introduction for people in the venue who may not have been familiar with the band before the show.

Just like Michigander, Foxing took the time to thank not only their tour-mates, but for the fans that took the time to come out early for both themselves and Michigander. The night was just filled with meaningful thanks.

It’s clear that Foxing was just happy to be on tour and to visit Buffalo again.

Manchester Orchestra started their performance with the first four tracks of the 2021 album The Million Masks Of God. As a huge fan of this album, it was amazing to see these four tracks, “Inaudible,” “Angel Of Death,” “Keel Timing,” and “Bed Head,” being performed back to back. They flow well into each other.

There was a close friend of Manchester Orchestra’s in the venue. Keith Buckley, lead singer of Every Time I Die, was present. Manchester Orchestra took the time to say a few words about Buckley and Buffalo before performing and dedicating the song “The Internet” to him.

On his Instagram, he made a post with a photo of Manchester Orchestra performing accompanied with the caption “holy” — simply a great way to explain the show and the tour lineup.

Though some fans left before the last songs were played, it was still a wonderful night that I will remember for a long time. Fans who stayed were gifted with the performance of “The Silence,” “100 Dollars,” and others.

My only complaint of the night was the fact that Manchester Orchestra did not play “Let It Storm,” one of my favorite tracks on their album.

The Million Masks Of God Tour has officially ended but it’s still possible to support these three acts by purchasing their merchandise, listening to their most recent releases, and buying tickets to see them perform in the future.

Foxing will be performing in their hometown this September for the Music At The Intersection festival and will be visiting the United Kingdom in May.

Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra recently announced a solo tour with special guests. He will visit cities on the east coast from May 15 to May 24. Along with that Manchester Orchestra will be performing at Furnace Fest in Birmingham, Alabama on September 24.

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