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The Paper Kites and Their Roadhouse Band Visit Minneapolis on March 16

Australian folk rock band, The Paper Kites, finally returned to Minnesota this last week to a packed house at the Fine Line in downtown Minneapolis. Fans were packed wall to wall to catch a glimpse of the band most known for their 2013 EP, Woodland, which is widely renowned for its incredible blend of folk with undertones of rock and indie. Another incredible artist, Boy Golden, opened up the evening, effectively prepping the audience with their entertaining lyrics and warm personality. Boy Golden was a delight and played a set full of intricate folk tunes, finishing out with my personal favorite, “Church of Better Daze”. 

This tour follows the release of The Paper Kites’s newest album, At the Roadhouse, released in September of last year. At the Roadhouse is an intimate and unique album characterized by its spiritual transportation of the listener to a wayside stop in rural Australia where they catch a local band entertaining bar regulars. To recreate this effect live, The Paper Kites brought along their original roadhouse accompaniments. The stage was chock-full of talent and the large band created a symphony of sound that is unmatched to nearly any other show I’ve been to. Although the U.S. stops are coming to a close, The Paper Kites still have a full run of Europe coming up next month. If you haven’t had the chance to catch them live, now is the perfect time!

Boy Golden

The Paper Kites

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